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Fiber lasers

Flatbed cutters

CNC Routers

An article about the WB03II series of cutterss in the newest edition of T&P


The article about our flagship WB03II flatbed cutters series , which is characterized by innovative Weni Solution technologies is already available in newest edition of T&P magazine! Moreover, besides of our device description, You can also find a lot of intriguing articles from industry. We wish You a pleasant reading and we sent best regards to the […]

We’re on the news: Polish Industry 2018 (polskiprzemysl.com.pl)


Very first article about WENI SOLUTION brand, focused mostly on challenges of choosing fiber plotter supplier, available now on www.polskiprzemysl.com.pl. In this article we also justify frequently discussed topic: What to pay attention to before buying a fiber laser ? Furthermore, we’ve shared a lot of information on CNC field, including significant guides about WENI SOLUTION brand. Entire article […]

Quality Control of WENI SOLUTION


Needless to say, there isn’t any stabilization in terms of technology, but there’s everlasting dynamic work instead – considered process made for keeping up with your fast pace of development. Every device and product that WENI SOLUTION provides  is a flagship model. Designed by our engineers, created according to the opinions of our trusted clients and […]

WENI Solution in “T&P fabrics – embellishment & sale” 3-2018


You are more than welcome to check September (3-2018) edition of “T&P fabrics – embellishment & sale” dedicated to “Marketing and Print Festival in Warsaw” trade fair. Except of interesting topics about exibition, Weni Solution brand has prepared post about Multimodular Flatbed Cutter from WB series of II generation. Capabilities of that device can already be […]


Mini Laser Co2 – for cutting & engraving

The model WS-0605U Mini is small and compact C02 laser with a working area of 600x500mm, ideal for cutting and engraving small parts.

In standard plotters are equipped with a :

40W tube (option*: 80W RECI) | Lifted up stainless steel table with a stroke of 150 mm | Honeycomb table overlay | Laser pointer 'Red Cross' | Professional CW3000 cooling system | Efficent fan and compressor | RDWorks software | Wi-Fi | USB | Manual PL & EN | 5 years of warranty.


CNC Routers

CNC Router with spindle power :

  • 3kW - HDS
  • 5.5kW


  • 1325 - 1230x2480mm
  • 1530 - 1550x3080mm
  • 2030 - 2050x3080mm
  • 2040 - 2050x4000mm


Fiber Laser

Weni Solution P SERIES - is the most precise laser cutter in Weni's offer. Precision is ensured by a special design with a double transmission of the PANASONIC electric servo drive.

ultra precyzyjny laser światłowodowy
Lasery CO2 Weni Solution
Co2 Lasers

CO2 laser plotters will adapt well with cutting and engraving of materials such as plastics, leather, wood, plexiglass, plywood, rubber, paper, textiles and engraving laminates. Plotter control is comparable to using an office printer. Our CO2 plotters are able to engrave precise small parts, f.e: stamps, which proves how precise they are.
Markery fibrowe Weni Solution
Fiber markers

It enables easy marking (stamping) of products for plastics such as: metals, plastics, electroplating, coated materials, rubber, epoxy, ABS, PVC, Pes, steel, titanium, paper, leather, etc. Application in industry: Cell phone keypads, plastic illuminated keyboards, electronic parts, electronic integrated circuits, electrical applications, communication devices, sanitary and ceramic industry, tools and accessories, kitchen knives, glasses, watches, jewelry, car parts, stainless steel, etc.
Lasery fibrowe G, GM, F, FM, AM, A,T
Fiber lasers

High-performance fiber lasers for mass, large-format and retail production.Device includes primarily: Systems of automatic loading, cutting of pipes and profiles. Raycus and IPG sources. The possibility of cutting open profiles. All lasers have autofocus, CypCut software and a nesting system. The voltage stabilizer allows constant and even mains voltage without interference. We use components from renowned HIWIN, PMI, AirTAC, Shneider, Panasonic, Omron, Raycus, IPG brands, and much more.
Plotery stołowe Weni Solution
Flatbed cutters

As one of the few on the market, we have a 5-year warranty. We are a company with many years of experience in the industry, which primarily focuses on quality. May our customers keep coming back and our products work faultlessly , therefore we'd to assure that devices in our offer are highest quality.

Weni Solution

As one of the few on the market, we provide 5-year warranty. We're a brand with many years of experience in industry, which prioritizes on quality. In agreement with our motto , we'd like to welcome back our clients instead of products, therefore we'd to assure that devices in our offer are highest quality.

We produce mostly :

  • laser plotters (Co2, fiber, marker)
  • milling machines (3 & 5 - axes CNC),
  • cutting plotters (multimodular),
  • string saws or thermal plotters.

Relationship with customers are very important for us, so according to Your feedback, we intend to improve our devices, and become better day by day.

Frezarki CNC Weni Solution
CNC Routers

Multi-axis milling machines from 3 to 5 axes of material processing, high quality of base components such as: German Becker vacuum pump, Herion tooth bars, Igus wiring. Italian HSD spindle, Japanese Shimpo reducer, THK guides.


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