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CNC Routers

Model: WSE02C
Index: WS-E02C

CNC Router with spindle power :

  • 9.6kW HSD


  • 1325C - 1230x2480mm
  • 1530C - 1550x3080mm
  • 2030C - 2050x3080mm
  • 2040C - 2050x4000mm
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All WENI SOLUTION machines are constructed on the basis of the of the gained experience and tested components from renowned manufacturers. Due to restrictive quality control, precision and reliability of our devices may be achieved. The production process is conducted on the basis of ISO 9001 standard and, what is more, R&D CENTER quality department supervises the whole process. Thanks to that we are able to offer 5-year warranty for our products. Professional service which is available in the whole Europe will take care of systematic reviews which result in long and failure-free operation. We also provide technical and post-warranty support and in case of a machine failure we provide fast reaction of our service. We care of our references from clients and we are proud of every delivered machine.

Weni Solution milling machines are widely used in the wood industry, advertising industry, craft industry and in every company that feeds mechanical processing materials. Weni milling machines provide greater efficiency thanks to the use of intuitive control. This leads directly to shorter processing times and improved working comfort.

Weni’s milling machine is able to carry out complex work. In the woodworking industry: cutting patterns, doors, wardrobes, engraving of boards, production of stairs, furniture and creation of special materials, using visual designs. Advertising industry: banners, acrylic cutting, plastic moulding, letter cutting, etc. Craft industry: pattern engraving, cut parts and many different tasks.

Weni WSE02C is primarily about high quality base components, precision and full equipment of the machine. German Becker vacuum pump, Herion toothed bars, Igus cabling. Italian HSD spindle. Japanese Shimpo reducer, THK guides, Beramic bearings .

Assured production standard ISO 9001 and CE markings certifying the quality of Weni products.

Series and Parameters Weni WS1325E02C Weni WS1530E02C Weni WS2030E02C Weni WS2040E02C
Workfield 1230x2480x180mm 1550x3080x180mm 2050x3080x180mm 2050x4000x180mm
Workbench dimensions 1230x2500mm 1560×3100 mm 2000x3000mm 2000x4000mm
Possible workbench length 3080/5000/6000mm
Motors X/Y gears, Z ball screw
Workbench type PVC’s  table , vacuum
Spindle Power 9.6 kW HSD
Spindle Type OSD / HSD ES951
Spindle Revolutions 24000r/min
Spindle Cooling Air system
Tools storage 6/8 straight-line tools
Inverter Power 10 kW
Max. axle shift speed 45m/min
Max. working speed 20m/min
Motor Type Servo motors (Yaskawa SMG7G 750W)
Voltage 230V/400V, 50/60Hz
Axle movement X,Y,Z
Number of suction divisions 4/6/8
Positioning accuracy X/Y 0,05 mm
Vacuum pump Germany Becker KVT 3.140(4kW) / opcja: VTLF 2.250(5.5kW)
Gear guides Germany Herion
Wiring system Germany Igus
Guides Japan THK WCH04657-B
Reductor Japan Shimpo VRS-8B-LM
Frame Welded steel plate Q235
Control System Syntec digital controller
Software UCANCAM
Compatibility with systems Windows
Operating instructions NC, G-Code
Interface port PCI
Air moisture 30% – 75%
Work temperature 0-40 C deegres
Box dimmensions 3350x2140x1930mm 3850x2140x1930mm 3850x2140x1930mm 4850x2140x1930mm
Weight ~1800kg ~1950 ~2300 ~2500

Weni’s milling machine is able to carry out complex work. In the woodworking industry: cutting patterns, doors, wardrobes, engraving of boards, production of stairs, furniture and creation of special materials, using visual designs. Advertising industry: banners, acrylic cutting, plastic moulding, letter cutting, etc. Craft industry: pattern engraving, cut parts and many different tasks.


HDS 9.6 ES951 Spindle


The first intelligent electrostatic spindle designed and manufactured for the woodworking sector. Thanks to “e-core”; technology, it is now able to collect, process and store information related to its condition and send this information to the CNC machine control.

Control System: enables the detection and processing of large amounts of data, which contains: – motor temperature – speed – storage of hours worked at different speeds. – cooling fan speed control – digital calibration of the sensor


  • Power: 9,6kW
  • Torque: 7,6Nm
  • Automatic locking of tools due to a pneumatic piston
  • Voltage 380V
  • Bearings greased with ductile grease
  • Maximum speed 24.000 obr./min
  • Rated speed 12.000 obr./min
  • Weight : 22 kg
  • Electric Fan : 24V



Becker KVT 3.140

Dry, vane, vacuum air pump

  • Efficiency 140 m3/h in 50Hz
  • Vacuum achieved: 100 mbar abs.
  • Power of the supply motor 4 kW
  • Rotation speed 1420 obr/min

Optional: VTLF 2.250 – Efficiency 244 m3/h – 5.5kW

Oil-free Becker vacuum pumps

Simplicity of design, only one shaft and direct drive transmission–vacuum pumps, characterized by low operating and maintenance costsThese pumps run 100% oil-free.They are equipped with long-life graphite blades, integrated air filters and control valves. This ensures trouble-free operation with additional accessories. The integrated air cooler guarantees a low exhaust air temperature. The compact case ensures low noise and low heat emission. The anti-corrosion option makes these pumps suitable for operation in the presence of moist air.


IGUS chainflex wires

Unpacked cables for mobile applications in e-guides or for reliable robot applications. Chainflex cables are designed for trouble-free operation for a long time, even in many cycles, at high speeds and accelerations as well as in very extreme environmental conditions. Chainflex cables meet EMC safety requirements as well as standards and guidelines such as UL, CSA, VDE, EAC, CTP, Interbus and Profibus.


Shimpo Reductors

Shimpo was founded in Kyoto in April 1952. Since then, the company has been constantly developing its production capacity and technologies, as well as focusing on developing new solutions for the industry. Today it is one of the leaders in the variable speed drive market. VRS series planetary gearboxes. High precision: standard spare-time is 3arc-min for precise control. High rigidity and torque thanks to unconstrained needle roller bearings. High load capacity: use of tapered roller bearings for main shaft output to increase radial and axial load. Maintenance-free: no need to change the lubricant during the life of the unit


NK 105 driver

A device used to control the movement of CNC machines. The control software has an intuitive menu which makes working with the plotter easy and pleasant. Thanks to advanced algorithms, the controllers have a stop and resume function and a coordinate system on the X, Y, Z axes. The system provides comprehensive functionality and flexible operation.

Advantages of the device:

Support of file formats such as ENG, DXF, NC

-Multi-part spindle speed control
-I/O port diagnostics function
-Working time management function
-Compensation function
-Function of reading from USB storage media
-Operating mode recording system


The DSP controller is used to control CNC milling machines numerically or manually. Use of the DSP does not require the installation of machine control software such as Mach. Operation of the controller is extremely simple – data can be entered by simply connecting the device to a computer or using a USB stick. The controller shall have a data protection system in the event of power failure.


THK Rail

The THK company started with the first designs of linear guides, which can guide the equipment precisely along a straight line. The linear guide is the main product of THK, in which, for the first time, a combination of parts with linear and rotational motion has been put to practical use. Enables the design of mechanisms with high precision, high rigidity, speed, energy saving and long service life. All parts used in machine tools are made by the “mother machine”;  which themselves produce machine parts. Whether small and complex or large and heavy – the precision of the production of these parts by machine tools is increasing rapidly. THK linear technology systems deliver guides that enable this precision and speed.


Servo-motors Yaskawa SGMJV, 750W

Yaskawa servo drives provide flexibility and scalability of devices, simplify programming without decreasing system performance. The implementation of demanding applications, such as precise woodworking, is not a problem. Yaskawa servo drives are characterized by an unprecedented high dynamics of operation with the smallest size. If you add to this their exceptional reliability, it is clear why they are the most widely used servo drives in the world.


Linear tool bank

Linear magazine enables the operation and exchange of holders with milling tools. As a standard, a linear tool bank located at the end of the milling table. The set includes an automatic tool length correction sensor. The advantage is the automation of the machining process and the elimination of operator errors, which affects the speed of work.

Vacuum workbench

Vacuum workbench is made of waterproof material. The area of ​​operation of the vacuum can be flexibly adjusted thanks to the modular structure of the table. The construction of the tworkbench  allows the use of accessories for the vacuum clamping of elements. This is a big advantage when cutting boards such as chipboard, plywood, plexiglass, dibond, etc. Thanks to this solution we obtain high speed and repeatability of fixing the material on the table. With the help of independent sections it is possible to adjust the work area to the specific workpiece.


3kW Swarf extraction

Two-bag chip extraction is a professional solution for dust extraction of loose and dusty materials. Used in the treatment of wood-based materials, plastics. The device is designed for indoor use.

Bag capacity :  0,3 m3


Automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubrication system of the milling machine for each axis X, Y, Z is responsible for lubrication of the most important moving parts: linear bearings , ball screw (nuts). Thanks to this solution we significantly extend the service life of moving parts of the machine. The choice of central lubrication saves time and automatically takes care of moving machine parts. The system is completely maintenance-free.


We know that each of our clients is looking for an offer tailored to their needs. .Therefore, we prepared a wide range of financing possibilites and the terms of purchasing our machines.


VAT 0%


VAT 23%

We offer a purchase with a VAT rate of 0% ( so-called intra-Community delivery). Thus, an active VAT payer has the right to purchase the above-mentioned rate of 0%. To check whether the VAT payer status is active, please select the link below and enter your tax identification number.

The application of the 23% VAT rate will take place at the domestic delivery, i.e. that the device will be delivered from a warehouse in the country (Poland)

If the VAT number is inactive or a domestic delivery is required, a VAT invoice will be issued at a rate of 23%.


Most of the devices require an order for production or adjusting to the individual needs of the customer, so payment can be made in stages.The spliting of payments in time doesn’t include any additional fees and allows our customers to invest in development the most friendly and flexible way. To reconcile the details, please contact our sales representative.


For the execution of orders requiring longer time as one month, we offer a full VAT invoice, after receiving the initial payment. Such a solution allows to optimize costs to a certain extent and efficiently manage the company’s budget.


Choosing a cash payment accelerates the delivery time significantly, as the procedures related to the formalities of concluding a lease or a loan are skipped and order is executed under trade agreement which will be flexibly suited to your needs. In case the delivery time is urgent, we suggest a full prepayment form. This form will allow You to set the major priority on an order and further planning appointments for installation and training services.


We offer the possibility of making deposits in any currencies:



All our equipment and machines are available for financing through leasing. We offer simple and fast procedures clear and attractive conditions,schedule of instalments , schedule of installments adjusted to the company’s capabilities, many solutions regarding the value of the initial fee and final buy-out.


Primarily, leasing is associated with tax benefits.The possibility of seperating VAT from the leasing installment, initial payment and redemption makes it a more favorable form of financing. Payment spreaded in time ensures full financial liquidity and stability.


As a trusted partner of the leading banks on the market, We’ve successfully accomplished many contracts,which confirms our references. We cooperate with banks and partners such as : Alior Bank, Pekao Leasing, Getin Bank, EFL, Raiffeisen Bank, X-leasing
Due to permament cooperation the formalities are kept to a minimum, which significantly speeds up the entire procedure and ultimately affects the delivery time.


The whole procedure starts with checking the creditworthiness, and after a positive decision and the initial payment, all formalities will be done through us. That kind of solution is highly valued by our clients.



List of recommended lessees selection:

Maria Florek
Specjalista ds. leasingu
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 663 291 425
e: mflorek@aliorleasing.plAlior Leasing Sp. z o. o.
ul. Zawiła 65L
30-390 Kraków
Michał Stachowicz
Departament Sprzedaży
m: +48 722 030 860
e: Michal.Stachowicz@pekaoleasing.com.pl
Pekao Leasing Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kapelanka 1, 30-347 Kraków
Karol Kośmider
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 607301212
e: kkosmider@getinleasing.pl
Getin Leasing SA
ul. Gwiaździsta 66
53-413 Wrocław (11 piętro)
Ingrid Napiórkowska
m: +48 691 481249
e: ingrid.napiorkowska@efl.com.pl
Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA
Biurowiec MediaHUB, ul. Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódź



The form of purchase and location do not affect the warranty, service, support and other conditions of the offer.
By cash payment is meant the transaction by: cash, transfer or mixed form allowed in accordance with the regulations of the country.
The installation does not include: unloading at the place of delivery, ground prepartion (floor), electrical and ventilation installation.



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