The upcoming new year has inspired us to create a summary for the ending of 2019

We experienced almost 365 days of success with our clients … successful transactions, meetings and trainings.

The challenges we face almost every day make us become better for you.

We are proud of our joint work and the results we have obtained. Of course, this is the result of the contribution of our entire team.

  • We were the first in Poland to introduce the translation of software for CYPCUT lasers into Polish
  • In the past year, our company has grown dynamically, employing more and more technology experts (increase by 30%).
  • We have improved many functionalities of our devices (including fiber lasers: FL, HM series) – based on the tips and comments of our customers.
  • We have introduced stocks of many models of CO2 laser devices
  • We offer new products: cleaning fiber laser and CO2 laser with two heads for those requiring even faster cutting of materials from the role
  • We have successfully installed dozens of devices in Poland and even more distant parts of Europe such as Greece and Bulgaria
  • We have conducted hundreds of tests and presentations to meet your needs
  • Exceeding the competition – we have provided you with an innovative Photo Gallery – a page with constantly updated photos from installations, training and applications.

The past year abounded in small and large changes, but all of them had a chance to come true only thanks to you – that’s why we thank you with all our heart.

We hope that the coming year 2020 will be filled with new challenges and will become equally successful for us and our clients.


Weni Solution team


Data dodania: 13.12.2019r.