In the current month of July, we had the pleasure of conducting a mobile presentation of the fiber cleaning laser for the Polish Army. We hosted the Military Unit from the capital of the country, the presentation was attended by a total of several dozen people, several garrisons were represented. The tests were carried out on the model: CLM200 PRO with the power: IPG 200W on the customer’s materials.

The presented device is available with different power options on our website:

The laser cleaning technology allows for non-invasive and importantly ecological removal of:

  • rust
  • resin
  • oil
  • stains
  • dirt
  • raid
  • paint

If you have not seen how the WS cleaning laser works yet, arrange a mobile presentation (at the customer’s workshop also).

We keep records through our customer service office (BOK): 77 433 71 30

or reported directly to the sales department: or

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