Feedback and tips received from you as well as from operators of Weni devices are valuable to us, so we strive to implement them.
Today, we are happy to announce that some of them, after the discussion and design stage, are handed over to the Weni Solution production team.
Two series of fiber lasers have gained refreshing the design and additional functionalities:
FL (compact model with closed housing) and HM (efficient advanced sheet-cutting machine).
In the FL series, our technicians decided to use:
  •  extendable table – for the operator’s convenience
  •  even more stable construction
  • replacing the door with a sliding one up – to save space
  • and all this in a new yet modern design
In the HM series, we refreshed the appearance of the housing and permanently replaced the standard operator panel with an optimized LCD touch screen.
As always we thank you for successful cooperation!
Data dodania: 13.08.2019r.