1.   Before starting the fiber laser (laser cutter) important step is to check the condition of protective lenses and ensure yourself that on the lens does not occur any scratches, burns, dust or cracks.

2.  Before starting a cutting process you have to check and prepare following steps: 

  • If the pressure in the pneumatic system is not less than 7 bar.
  • First lift the cutting head, then move it to the edge and make sure that the cutting elements are in the right position.
  • Perform process performance simulations to ensure that the cutting order is correct.

3.   During cutting, make sure whole procces run properly. If not, stop the cutting first, manually raise the cutting head, then check if the cutting parameters are selected correctly, and that the nozzle and protective lens are not damaged in any way. Then make the correct adjustments of these components and continue work monitoring.

4.   Also in time of cutting process, make sure that the workpiece has not changed its position in the working area. If so, remember to eliminate the collision points of the cutting head and the element.

5.   Monthly cleaning of the cooling system unit and replacement of distilled water once or twice a month is highly recommended.

6.  Once in a while we suggest cleaning the drawers for cut-out elements, because they collect a lot of filings and other impurities.

7.   Attention ! It is forbidden to stare at the laser source and other points where the laser causes reflection, during the working process of a device.

Check Cycle Elements of the device to be checked Operation to make
Everyday Work table Cleaning of cutting residue
Everyday Wires Checking if any wires are broken or cutted
Everyday Fans Ensure that every fan is working properly ( also in control box )
Everyday Guides Checking if the lubricant is applied correctly, that there are no leaks and that the guides are not crooked
Everyday On-board computer Execution of antivirus scan
Once a week (or if necessary) Protective lens Checking if the lens is dirty and performing cleaning
Occasionally Extraction and water connection Ensuring that the water connections and flue gas extraction have no interruption and are sufficiently efficient


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