In the following table we present the TOP 5 Weni Solution fiber cutters recommended for cutting steel and more

  1. Model WS 1313FL – a laser in a full enclosure with a retractable worktop and sliding front door. The compact fiber cutter option most frequently chosen by customers for sheets max 1300x1300mm. Dedicated to small and medium production
  2. Model WS 3015G * – A popular series of laser cutters ideal for small and medium production, available only in an open housing (optional working areas: 2500x1300mm and 4000x1500mm). The design significantly reduces vibrations. The perfect compromise between options and price.
  3. Model WS 3015H * – Professional high performance fiber (fiber optic) cutter in full housing. Its advantage is two interchangeable work tables working alternately, thus using the full production speed of the device. The H-series housing has a 4-chamber extraction system, fully retractable side and front doors, and an additional camera with an LCD monitor allows you to monitor the machining process.
  4. Model WS 3015A * – Ultrafast model of the laser cutter with an additional loading platform. The heavier and more stable construction allows alternating work of two interchangeable work tables, thus using the full production speed of the device. We recommend for high volume production.
  5. Model WS 600P – This is the most precise laser cutter in our offer. Recommended e.g. for jewelry and for processing very small parts with an accuracy of up to 0.025mm. In this series, we used 3 observation windows as well as an opening rear door, a special design with a double transmission of the PANASONIC servo drive and additionally adjustable linear clamps, thanks to which even very thin material will be stably fixed.

* this device can be extended with an attachment for cutting pipes and profiles

A few words before buying a WS device from the fiber category:

  • The device configuration is selected individually, starting from the production needs and customer budget (please visit:
    We offer basic models with power from 500W as well as ultra-fast professional models dedicated to continuous high production
  • Weni Solution fiber lasers guarantee a combination of best branded components, functionality and design
  • Thanks to the cooperation with proven lessors (e.g. European Leasing Fund, Santander, Alior Bank, Pekao Lesing, Getin Bank and many others) financing the purchase of these advanced devices is even easier (more here:
  • As standard, our clients receive free of charge: installation and operator training, CYPCUT software in Polish or English, free service inspections, manufacturer’s warranty (up to 5 years), free remote service support as standard for each fiber laser.
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