Dear customers, please be advised that in 2020 Raycus the manufacturer of laser generators introduced a change in power designations.

Raycus RFL laser generators are available in versions from 500W to 12000W, but the changes apply to the power: 2.2kW (upgrade to 2kW) and 3.3kW (upgrade to 3kW). These changes take effect immediately and do not affect the price. IPG laser generators remain unchanged. If you have questions, our expert team is at your disposal tel. 77 433 71 30

About the manufacturer: Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leader in the production of laser generators on the Asian market. Wuhan Raycus has an international team of specialists conducting developmental research that allow to improve and expand laser generators.


Weni Solution team

Data dodania: 10.03.2020r.