Sometimes one device is sufficient – but it has to be the right one.

WENI WB03II is an advanced flatbed cutter designed for cutting sheet and unflexible materials, as well as more for materials on the roll.

In WB series , during one working cycle you can use two tools at once. Multimodular head allows you to switch tools in simple way.

Device is manufactured under restricted inspection of quality control department and ISO 9001 standard, which guarantee that each of our product is finetuned and ready to use.

Second generation of WB series is an reliable solution based on 25 years of experience in developing flatbed cutters.

WENI WB03II includes: Modular system (suitable for passage through small doors during installation), marker/pointer detection system for for cutting on the contour, high precision thanks to servo motors, two tool holders, MMI touch panel for device control, safety system – Crash+ impact device and front and rear infrared sensors, laser indicators (2 pcs. – for manual positioning), vacuum pump and compressor, tool set.

To meet your expectations, as very few in Europe, we also offer 5 years of warranty on very single device WENI SOLUTION brand.

To arrange the presentation please do not hetstitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone +48 77 433 71 30

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