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CO2 Laser- for cutting non-metal material sheets

Series: B
Index: WS
Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_name] => Model [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => 1325 - 1300x2500mm [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 [variant_index] => 1325B ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => 1530 - 1500x3000mm [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 5800 [variant_index] => 1530B ) [2] => Array ( [variant_value] => 2030 - 2000x3000mm [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 18300 [variant_index] => 2030B ) ) ) [1] => Array ( [variant_name] => Moc tuby lasera [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => W2 RECI 90-100W [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 [variant_index] => W2 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => W4 RECI 100-130W [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 2200 [variant_index] => W4 ) [2] => Array ( [variant_value] => W6 RECI 130-160W [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 3900 [variant_index] => W6 ) [3] => Array ( [variant_value] => W8 RECI 160-190W [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 8500 [variant_index] => W8 ) ) ) [2] => Array ( [variant_name] => Okulary ochronne [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 600 ) ) ) [3] => Array ( [variant_name] => Instalacja z szkoleniem [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak-Polska [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 2000 ) [2] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak-Czechy [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 2500 ) [3] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak-Słowacja [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 3500 ) [4] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak-Niemcy [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 4500 ) [5] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak-Inne kraje EU [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 5000 ) ) ) [4] => Array ( [variant_name] => Dostawa [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Polska - w cenie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 [variant_index] => d1 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Czechy [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1000 [variant_index] => d2 ) [2] => Array ( [variant_value] => Słowacja [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1500 [variant_index] => d3 ) [3] => Array ( [variant_value] => Niemcy [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1500 [variant_index] => d4 ) [4] => Array ( [variant_value] => Inne kraje EU [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 2000 [variant_index] => d5 ) ) ) [5] => Array ( [variant_name] => Serwo-napęd (Hybrid Motors) [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 8000 [variant_index] => hm ) ) ) [6] => Array ( [variant_name] => Kamera CCD [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 5000 [variant_index] => ccd ) ) ) [7] => Array ( [variant_name] => Auto Focus (w czasie rzeczywistym) [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 10000 [variant_index] => Af ) ) ) [8] => Array ( [variant_name] => Kontroler bezprzewodowy [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1200 [variant_index] => Kr ) ) ) [9] => Array ( [variant_name] => Stabilizator napięcia [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 2500 [variant_index] => S ) ) ) [10] => Array ( [variant_name] => Druga głowica "non metal" [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 15000 [variant_index] => sH ) ) ) [11] => Array ( [variant_name] => Wrzeciono (stół obrotowy) [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1900 [variant_index] => rD ) ) ) [12] => Array ( [variant_name] => Stół podnoszony góra/dół [variant_values] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [variant_value] => Nie [modify_price] => none [modify_price_by] => 0 ) [1] => Array ( [variant_value] => Tak [modify_price] => price [modify_price_by] => 1000 ) ) ) )

Excluding tax from

7 219,58 €

adapt the device to your needs
Check product price - configurator
The final price of the device varies depending on the options selected.

Base price: 7219,58 €
Name:Option:Price increase:
Series Bazowy
Laser tube power Nie wybrano
Goggles Nie wybrano
Installation with training Nie wybrano
Delivery Nie wybrano
Servo drive (Hybrid Motors) Nie wybrano
CCD camera Nie wybrano
Auto focus (real time) Nie wybrano
Wireless controller Nie wybrano
Voltage regulator Nie wybrano
Second head "non metal" Nie wybrano
The spindle (rotary table) Nie wybrano
Elevated table up/down Nie wybrano
Restore the default device configuration



excluding tax

* The presented price configuration is for information purposes, it is not a commercial offer


  • Open Table: Sword-type table with honeycomb overlay
  • Wi-Fi
  • RDWorks
  • Red Cross or Red Dot
  • Ruida Control System
  • Autofocus*
  • Lifted table (Up & Down)
  • Compressor
  • Professional cooling system
  • Efficent fan
  • CCD*
  • Manual PL/EN
  • up to 5 years of warranty

All WENI SOLUTION machines are constructed on the basis of the of the gained experience and tested components from renowned manufacturers. Due to restrictive quality control, precision and reliability of our devices may be achieved. The production process is conducted on the basis of ISO 9001 standard and, what is more, R&D CENTER quality department supervises the whole process. Thanks to that we are able to offer 5-year warranty for our products. Professional service which is available in the whole Europe will take care of systematic reviews which result in long and failure-free operation. We also provide technical and post-warranty support and in case of a machine failure we provide fast reaction of our service. We care of our references from clients and we are proud of every delivered machine.


WS-B Series
for engraving & cutting non-metal materials


It is characterized by an open cover available in three different sizes. Moreover, it can be configured with laser tube power: RECI W2 PIK: 90-100W (nominal power 90W), RECI W4 PIK: 100-130W (nominal power 100W), RECI W6 PIK: 130-160W (nominal power 130W), RECI W8 PIK: 160-190W (nominal power 160W). This laser is equipped as standard with a sword-type open table with an additional honeycomb overlay, Wi-Fi controller, a Red Cross or Red Dot laser marker and a professional cooling system.


The WS-B series is equipped with a through table of a knife type with an additional adapter of a honeycomb type, Wi-Fi controller, laser marker of a “Red Cross” or “Red Dot” type and professional cooling system. The open table is backlit by LED diodes (working area), so it’s easier to observe the operation of the device.

All Weni Co2 lasers have stainless steel joint elements, high quality branded sub-assemblies, stable, tension free construction and thanks to the use of Wi-Fi controller, it is possible to control many lasers with only one computer. The operation of Weni Co2 lasers is easy and intuitive, based on the RDWorks professional software and reliable Ruida controllers.

Equipment included in the price
1. Work Field: 1300x2500mm 1500x3000mm 2000x3000mm
2. LaserTube: W2 90-100W W4 100-130W W6 130-160W W8 160-190W
3. Pass-through table
4. Additional honeycomb type overlay made for cutting
5. “Red Cross” or “Red Dot” laser marker to precisely indicate the working place
6. CW professional cooling system for a laser tube
7. Compressor used to cover the lens against dirt
8. Exhaust gas extraction system with a fan
9. Wi-Fi / USB / Ethernet TCP / IP communication
10. LCD display
11. RDWorks software
12. Free delivery within Poland
13. Manual PL / EN
14. up to 5 years of warranty
Optional equipment (extra paid)
1. Googles
2. Elevated table up/down
3. Installation with training 
4. Delivery within EU
5. Servo drive (hybrid motors)
6. CCD cameras (for each head separately)
7. Autofocus (real time)
8. Wireless controller
9. Voltage regulator
10. Second head “non metal”
11 Rotary Table

Create your own device configuration, check current prices and send an inquiry in our product configurator:  

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Technical Data

Model 1325B 1530B 2030B
Brand Weni Solution
Laser Tube Power W2 RECI (90-100W), W4 RECI (100-130W), W6 RECI (130-160W), W8 RECI (160-190W)
Working Field 1300 x 2500mm 1500 x 3000mm 2000 x 3000mm
X – axis range 1300mm 1500mm 2000mm
Y – axis range 2500mm 3000mm 3000mm
Z – axis range 100mm
Addressed Resolution 4000 DPI
X/Y axis positioning accuracy ≤+0.05mm
X/Y axis repeatability ≤+0.03mm
X/Y axis maximum speed 70000mm/min
Engraving Speed 60000mm/min
Cutting speed 40000mm/min
Z axis maximum speed 375mm/sec
Maximum acceleration 1.2G
Working table type knife and honeycomb / open
Maximum platform load 200kg
Working area lightning YES- LED
Minimum character size (engraver) 1mm x 1mm
Positioning laser marker  “Red Cross” or “Red Dot” type
Head Type Non Metal
Autofocus YES – automatic focal length adjustment for flat materials – option*
Lens Type quartz Φ 20mm
Source type Glass tube Co2 – RECI, 10.6μm
Motors Leadshine – High Precision stepper motors
Security Drives proximity sensors – double for each axis
Drive transmission drive belt
Guides THK / HIWIN / PMI / Other
Ellectric Installation Omron
Jointing units stainless steel
Pneumatics Airtac
Operating System Windows XP or higher
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP / WiFi / USB
Display 3.5” TFT
Controller Ruida
Software RDWorks
Supported file formats .ai .dxf .plt .dst .dsb .eps .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .mng .ico .cur .tif .tiff .tga .pcx .wbmp .wmf .emf .jbg .j2c .jpc
.pgx .ras.pnm. pgm .ppm .ska .raw
Matrix Creation YES
CCD Camera/ contour cut *option – shape detection or markers
Laser power control 0 – 100% controlled by software
Maximum gas pressure in the installation 1000 kPa (10 bar)
Beam type aluminium
Rotary table / spindle *optional
Ventilator YES – exhaust extractor
Cooling chiler CW3000 / CW5000 / CW 5200
Control Panel TAK
Maximum energy consumption ~2,4kW
Temperature operating range 10-45°C.
Cover opened
Laser Class 4
Quality ISO9001, CE
Power System 1-phase / 220V 50Hz voltage fluctuations >10%
Dimensions (length * width * height) 3200*2000*1200mm 3700*2100*1200mm 3700*2500*1200mm
Total weight 800kg 950kg 1150kg

Materials gallery










Table of cutting speeds

MaterialType MaterialThickness Tube power
3mm8 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s35 mm/s47 mm/s62 mm/s68 mm/s
5mm5 mm/s17 mm/s20 mm/s25 mm/s31 mm/s36 mm/s40 mm/s
8mm4 mm/s5 mm/s10 mm/s15 mm/s19 mm/s25 mm/s34 mm/s
10mm1 mm/s3 mm/s6 mm/s9 mm/s15 mm/s21 mm/s29 mm/s
15mm- 2 mm/s5 mm/s8 mm/s12 mm/s17 mm/s19 mm/s
20mm*- - 1 mm/s1.5 mm/s2.4 mm/s5 mm/s9 mm/s
30mm*- - - - - 1.5 mm/s3 mm/s
3mm9 mm/s15 mm/s20 mm/s23 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s33 mm/s
5mm5 mm/s10 mm/s13 mm/s15 mm/s18 mm/s21 mm/s25 mm/s
10mm- 3 mm/s5 mm/s7 mm/s9 mm/s12 mm/s14 mm/s
15mm- - 2 mm/s3 mm/s5 mm/s7 mm/s10 mm/s
20mm*- - - 1 mm/s1.5 mm/s2 mm/s3 mm/s
One layer10 mm/s20 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s40 mm/s50 mm/s60 mm/s
3mm10 mm/s15 mm/s20 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s35 mm/s40 mm/s
5mm5 mm/s10 mm/s15 mm/s20 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s35 mm/s
10mm- 4 mm/s8 mm/s12 mm/s15 mm/s20 mm/s25 mm/s
15mm- - 4 mm/s8 mm/s11 mm/s15 mm/s18 mm/s
20mm*- - - 1 mm/s2 mm/s2.5 mm/s3 mm/s
One layer40 mm/s60 mm/s100 mm/s200 mm/s300 mm/s400 mm/s500 mm/s
Double-layer board
2mm15 mm/s25 mm/s35 mm/s40 mm/s45 mm/s55 mm/s65 mm/s
One layer100 mm/s120 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s200 mm/s
4mm15 mm/s25 mm/s30 mm/s35 mm/s40 mm/s45 mm/s50 mm/s

* not applicable to models 1630TC, 1830TC, 2030TC (maximum thickness is 15mm)

Other materials

Material Engraving Cutting
Acrylic YES YES
Leather YES YES
Clothes YES YES
Double-layer boards YES YES
Rubber YES YES
Fabric YES YES
Glass YES NO
Steel YES NO
Ceramics YES NO
Marble YES NO
Matt board YES YES
Material Engraving Cutting
Wood Venner YES YES
Fiber glass YES YES
Painted Metals YES YES
Roof Tiles YES NO
Plastic YES YES
Corian YES YES
Anodized aluminium * NO
Stainless steel * NO
Brass * NO
Titanium * NO
Uncoated Metal * NO
Melamine YES NO
* * *
Project drafts
Weni WS-1325B
Weni WS-1325B
Weni WS-1530B
Weni WS-1530B
Weni WS-2030B
Weni WS-2030B



RECI laser tubes are characterized by high durability and precision. Their real life span is ca. 10,000 working hours. RECI tube’s defines better laser beam, higher cutting efficiency, better quality.

Laser Tube Co2 RECI Power Options:

  • W1 – max power ca. ~80W length 1050mm ϕ 80mm
  • W2 – max power ca. ~100W length 1200mm ϕ 80mm
  • W4 – max power ca. ~130W length 1400mm ϕ 80mm
  • W6 – max power ca. ~150W length 1650mm ϕ 80mm

Emitted wave length: 10’600 nm
Cooling method: Water
High voltage inducing method: DC
Resonator’s type: glass DC


Ruida controller–Weni Co2 lasers are based on verified sub-assemblies, Ruida among others, which are the precursors of Co2 lasers control solutions.

Ruida controller is the main sub-assembly, controlling the operation of the whole device. It ensures stable operation and broad configuration options of Weni lasers, such as adding in option: rotating adapter, auto focus function, SSD system for cutting by contour, Wi-Fi communication and others. The controller enables, in a basic scope, to operate the laser without the use of software, where a given design may be directly imported from FLASH/USB disc.

Precise motors and LEADSHINE controllers guarantee the precision of movement and high repeatability, which is a very important element of every device in the course of production process. The usage of additionally sustainable DC magnets in the construction of DC motors additionally enables continuous, solid work. For that reason, DC motors are most commonly used in the industry for constructing small mechanical devices and robots, where the sustainability and reliability are crucially important.
PMI/HIWIN/THK rail guides ensure high precision of positioning, repeatability and durability. Rail guides provide smooth movement of the trolley thanks to the usage of rolling elements – balls or rolls. The difference between static and dynamic rolling resistance is very small. Because of that, the power needed to start-up is only slightly higher than the power sustaining the movement. That is why, the stick-slip effects in Weni brand lasers do not occur.
Omron Electronic Components are electric sub-assemblies such as sensors, transmitters, inductors and other fundamental elements of electric system. Thanks to its technology and knowledge enabling to build sub-assemblies for almost every electronic system, Omron Electronic Components is able to provide guarantee and quality at the highest possible level.
Professional cooler for Weni Co2 lasers.

The so called CW 3000-5200Chiller used for cooling industrial water. The main function of the device is to lower the temperature to the value specific for a given device. It is equipped with a display and controller for cooling process monitoring. In case of exceeding maximum permissible temperature detection , an alarm will be started and the connected laser will not be turned on.

Wi-Fi controller ensures wireless and stable connection with Weni Solution lasers. Thanks to the use of function of Wi-Fi connection, controlling many lasers may be conducted with the use of only one computer.
All Weni Solution lasers have stainless steel joint elements which makes the device easy to keep clean and enables its proper exploitation.

Weni Solution lasers are equipped with two working tables as a standard,  the so called „knife” and the “honeycomb”one. The knife table is used for cutting big, rigid elements, whereas the honeycomb one is ideal for processing small, elastic materials which must stay on the table in a specific position after cutting.

Ventilator – fumes exhaust
Lens and mirrors are made with high precision. They are characterized by sustainability and increased mechanical resistance thanks to an additional layer protecting the surface.

The using of Weni Co2 lasers is easy and intuitive, based on the RDWorks software. RDWorks, together with the manual in Polish/English is delivered with every Weni laser. The software has lifetime license and may be used interchangeably on many workplaces.

The most important RDWorks functions :

– Import and export of files
– Files formats (import); .ai .dxf .plt .dst .dsb .eps .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg
.png .mng .ico .cur .tif .tiff .tga .pcx .wbmp .wmf .emf .jbg .j2c .jpc .pgx
.ras.pnm. pgm .ppm .ska .raw
–Wi-Fi support
– Multiple layer support ( min 20 layers ver. V.8.00 )
– Grouping, de-grouping, transformations, objects positioning
– Matrix deployment function, objects copying
– Parameters file and settings for a given material library
– Used designs library
– Vector graphics designing and editing
– Variable text function e.g. date, serial number
– Cutting path optimization
– Bitmaps support for engraving function
–LGP technology function
–The so called curves edition and support
–Processing time simulation
– Design working field on a material simulation
– Design output data control
– The so-called rotating adapter (spindle) support – option*
– CCD system support (cutting by contour) – option*
– Advanced device parameters setting

system CCD Ruida
zdjęcie stół podnoszony
zdjęcie stół obrotowy




We know that each of our clients is looking for an offer tailored to their needs. .Therefore, we prepared a wide range of financing possibilites and the terms of purchasing our machines.


VAT 0%


VAT 23%

We offer a purchase with a VAT rate of 0% ( so-called intra-Community delivery). Thus, an active VAT payer has the right to purchase the above-mentioned rate of 0%. To check whether the VAT payer status is active, please select the link below and enter your tax identification number.

The application of the 23% VAT rate will take place at the domestic delivery, i.e. that the device will be delivered from a warehouse in the country (Poland)

If the VAT number is inactive or a domestic delivery is required, a VAT invoice will be issued at a rate of 23%.


Most of the devices require an order for production or adjusting to the individual needs of the customer, so payment can be made in stages.The spliting of payments in time doesn’t include any additional fees and allows our customers to invest in development the most friendly and flexible way. To reconcile the details, please contact our sales representative.


For the execution of orders requiring longer time as one month, we offer a full VAT invoice, after receiving the initial payment. Such a solution allows to optimize costs to a certain extent and efficiently manage the company’s budget.


Choosing a cash payment accelerates the delivery time significantly, as the procedures related to the formalities of concluding a lease or a loan are skipped and order is executed under trade agreement which will be flexibly suited to your needs. In case the delivery time is urgent, we suggest a full prepayment form. This form will allow You to set the major priority on an order and further planning appointments for installation and training services.


We offer the possibility of making deposits in any currencies:



All our equipment and machines are available for financing through leasing. We offer simple and fast procedures clear and attractive conditions,schedule of instalments , schedule of installments adjusted to the company’s capabilities, many solutions regarding the value of the initial fee and final buy-out.


Primarily, leasing is associated with tax benefits.The possibility of seperating VAT from the leasing installment, initial payment and redemption makes it a more favorable form of financing. Payment spreaded in time ensures full financial liquidity and stability.


As a trusted partner of the leading banks on the market, We’ve successfully accomplished many contracts,which confirms our references. We cooperate with banks and partners such as : Alior Bank, Pekao Leasing, Getin Bank, EFL, Raiffeisen Bank, X-leasing
Due to permament cooperation the formalities are kept to a minimum, which significantly speeds up the entire procedure and ultimately affects the delivery time.


The whole procedure starts with checking the creditworthiness, and after a positive decision and the initial payment, all formalities will be done through us. That kind of solution is highly valued by our clients.



List of recommended lessees selection:

Maria Florek
Specjalista ds. leasingu
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 663 291 425
e: [email protected] Leasing Sp. z o. o.
ul. Zawiła 65L
30-390 Kraków
Michał Stachowicz
Departament Sprzedaży
m: +48 722 030 860
e: [email protected]
Pekao Leasing Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kapelanka 1, 30-347 Kraków
Karol Kośmider
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 607301212
e: [email protected]
Getin Leasing SA
ul. Gwiaździsta 66
53-413 Wrocław (11 piętro)
Ingrid Napiórkowska
m: +48 691 481249
e: [email protected]
Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA
Biurowiec MediaHUB, ul. Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódź




The form of purchase and location do not affect the warranty, service, support and other conditions of the offer.
By cash payment is meant the transaction by: cash, transfer or mixed form allowed in accordance with the regulations of the country.
The installation does not include: unloading at the place of delivery, ground prepartion (floor), electrical and ventilation installation.



Ask a question about the selected product: CO2 Laser – for cutting non-metal material sheets: B

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