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Flatbed cutter

Series: WB03II
Index: WS-WB03II

Net price from:

32 312,67 €

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Base price: 32312,67 €
Name:Option:Price increase:
Series Bazowy
Ribbon table Nie wybrano
Automatic loading Nie wybrano
Electric knife Nie wybrano
High swivel spindle Nie wybrano
Oscillating knife up to 50 mm Nie wybrano
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All WENI SOLUTION machines are constructed on the basis of the of the gained experience and tested components from renowned manufacturers. Due to restrictive quality control, precision and reliability of our devices may be achieved. The production process is conducted on the basis of ISO 9001 standard and, what is more, R&D CENTER quality department supervises the whole process. Thanks to that we are able to offer 5-year warranty for our products. Professional service which is available in the whole Europe will take care of systematic reviews which result in long and failure-free operation. We also provide technical and post-warranty support and in case of a machine failure we provide fast reaction of our service. We care of our references from clients and we are proud of every delivered machine.


Weni WB03II is an advanced and reliable  creasing & cutting flatbed cutter of second generation. It allows creasing, incisioning, cutting and milling sheet materials as well as the on roll ones (rigid and flexible).



It is dedicated mainly to industries like:  textile, clothing, advertising, furniture and upholstery.

Plotter is equipped with an roll holder that allows you to automatically extend and cut projects larger than the table length. During the auto expand the role of the vacuum system material changes in airflow to evenly distribute the material on the work table.


The table is divided into 6 independent vacuum system sections (with full control via a touch screen LCD), so that even the smallest workpieces will be solidly maintained in position during the machining process. Thanks to the modular head and the use of two tools in one work cycle, the entire production process runs smoothly and quickly. The positioning system used by the laser and the CCD camera allows you to perform cutting on the contour with high precision, no matter of the material conduct or placement on the table’s working area.

Extending the device with an additional  automatic loading and unloading system for sheet materials makes the WB03II cutter a fully industrial production device.


All Weni WB03 II series cutters are equipped with:


— Modular head with a CCD camera
— Two holders for tools and one separate for the pen
— Marker finding system for cutting on the detected contour
— High precision thanks to servo drives
— MMI touch panel

— Crash type safety system
— Infrared sensors located on front and back of machine
— Laser indicators (for manual positioning)
— Basket for ready elements
— Vacuum pump
— 6-section vacuum table system 
— WIFI controller
— 5 years of warranty

Available in five sizes of the work table:


  • WB03II 1113 ( 1100x1300mm )
  • WB03II 1816 ( 1800x1600mm )
  • WB03II 2513 ( 2500x1300mm )
  • WB03II 2516 ( 2500x1600mm )
  • WB03II 3020 ( 3000x2000mm )





Weni’s flatbed cutters have many applications thanks to the wide range of available tools:

In standard: 25mm Oscillating Knife, Universal Knife, V-Cut Knife, Creasing Knife, Kiss-Cut Knife, Pen, CCD Camera

Optional: High-speed spindle Nakanishi, Oscillating Knife 50mm, Electric Circular Knife


Automatic recognition of the tool lengths combined with digital and mechanical adjustment of cutting depth ensure precise cutting of materials such as: paper, textiles, foils, leather, plastic, PVC, acrylic, plexiglass, banners , tarpaulin, rubber, wood, cardboard, plywood and much more.


Full usage description of particular tools below:

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Type WB03II – 1113 WB03II – 1816 WB03II – 2513 WB03II – 2516 WB03II- 3020
Modular head Two tool handlers allowing fast change of the tool. Integrated positioning system
using laser and CCD camera
Tools Oscillating knife (up to 25mm), Kiss-Cut knife, V-Cut knife, universal knife, creasing
tool, pen handle
Optional Aditional tools :
Oscillating knife (up to 50mm)
High speed spindle
Electric knife
Spindle(optional) Highly rotative NAKANISHI (JAPAN)
model EMS 3060K – 60000obr/min
Security Infra red detectors
Speed 1500mm/s
Cutting speed
Cutting depth up to 25mm (optional: 50mm)
Material types can be used Elastic materials and sheet materials f.e : paper, foil, leather, plastics, rubber, PVC,
canvas, fabrics, wood
Material fixing 6-section vacuum table controlled using touch screen
Mechanical accuracy 0,05mm
Software accuracy 0,01mm
Control Touch screen LCD
Memory 2GB
Drive Precise servo-motors, HIWIN rails, conveyor belts
Communication Ethernet port
Workspace [mm] 1100×1300 1800×1600 2500×1300 2500×1600 3000×2000
Dimensions [mm] 2945x2617x1280 2945x2617x1280 3650x2320x1280 3650x2620x1280 4300x2800x1280
Power 9,5KW 9,5KW 9,5KW 9,5KW 11KW
Weigh 1200kg 1200kg 1300kg 1400kg 1600kg
Voltage 380V/220V (~10% ) 50HZ/60HZ
Fixed table ( standard ) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Band table (optional ) Unavailable Yes Yes Yes No
Automatic loading Automatic loading option for models 1816, 2513, 2516, 3020
Project drafts
Weni WB03II-1113
Weni WB03II-1113
Weni WB03II-1816
Weni WB03II-1816
Weni WB03II-2513
Weni WB03II-2513
Weni WB03II-2516
Weni WB03II-2516

We know that each of our clients is looking for an offer tailored to their needs. .Therefore, we prepared a wide range of financing possibilites and the terms of purchasing our machines.


VAT 0%


VAT 23%

We offer a purchase with a VAT rate of 0% ( so-called intra-Community delivery). Thus, an active VAT payer has the right to purchase the above-mentioned rate of 0%. To check whether the VAT payer status is active, please select the link below and enter your tax identification number.

The application of the 23% VAT rate will take place at the domestic delivery, i.e. that the device will be delivered from a warehouse in the country (Poland)

If the VAT number is inactive or a domestic delivery is required, a VAT invoice will be issued at a rate of 23%.


Most of the devices require an order for production or adjusting to the individual needs of the customer, so payment can be made in stages.The spliting of payments in time doesn’t include any additional fees and allows our customers to invest in development the most friendly and flexible way. To reconcile the details, please contact our sales representative.


For the execution of orders requiring longer time as one month, we offer a full VAT invoice, after receiving the initial payment. Such a solution allows to optimize costs to a certain extent and efficiently manage the company’s budget.


Choosing a cash payment accelerates the delivery time significantly, as the procedures related to the formalities of concluding a lease or a loan are skipped and order is executed under trade agreement which will be flexibly suited to your needs. In case the delivery time is urgent, we suggest a full prepayment form. This form will allow You to set the major priority on an order and further planning appointments for installation and training services.


We offer the possibility of making deposits in any currencies:



All our equipment and machines are available for financing through leasing. We offer simple and fast procedures clear and attractive conditions,schedule of instalments , schedule of installments adjusted to the company’s capabilities, many solutions regarding the value of the initial fee and final buy-out.


Primarily, leasing is associated with tax benefits.The possibility of seperating VAT from the leasing installment, initial payment and redemption makes it a more favorable form of financing. Payment spreaded in time ensures full financial liquidity and stability.


As a trusted partner of the leading banks on the market, We’ve successfully accomplished many contracts,which confirms our references. We cooperate with banks and partners such as : Alior Bank, Pekao Leasing, Getin Bank, EFL, Raiffeisen Bank, X-leasing
Due to permament cooperation the formalities are kept to a minimum, which significantly speeds up the entire procedure and ultimately affects the delivery time.


The whole procedure starts with checking the creditworthiness, and after a positive decision and the initial payment, all formalities will be done through us. That kind of solution is highly valued by our clients.



List of recommended lessees selection:

Maria Florek
Specjalista ds. leasingu
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 663 291 425
e: mflorek@aliorleasing.plAlior Leasing Sp. z o. o.
ul. Zawiła 65L
30-390 Kraków
Michał Stachowicz
Departament Sprzedaży
m: +48 722 030 860
e: Michal.Stachowicz@pekaoleasing.com.pl
Pekao Leasing Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kapelanka 1, 30-347 Kraków
Karol Kośmider
Departament Sprzedaży Bankowej oraz Klientów Kluczowych
m: +48 607301212
e: karol.kosmider@pd.ideagetin.pl
Getin Leasing SA
ul. Gwiaździsta 66
53-413 Wrocław (11 piętro)
Ingrid Napiórkowska
m: +48 691 481249
e: ingrid.napiorkowska@efl.com.pl
Europejski Fundusz Leasingowy SA
Biurowiec MediaHUB, ul. Łąkowa 29, 90-554 Łódź




The form of purchase and location do not affect the warranty, service, support and other conditions of the offer.
By cash payment is meant the transaction by: cash, transfer or mixed form allowed in accordance with the regulations of the country.
The installation does not include: unloading at the place of delivery, ground prepartion (floor), electrical and ventilation installation.



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