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WS3015H Raycus Fiber Laser 3kw

IN STOCK - FULL OPTION - with two interchangeable tables, in a housing

The WS-H PRO Full Option model is an ideal solution for full-size production, where the time of peeling and the highest quality of cutting the material is of utmost importance. The H series enclosure has a 4-chamber exhaust system, a fully sliding front door, and an additionally installed camera with an LCD monitor allows you to monitor the machining process. Raytools head with autofocus enables precise work and high quality of laser work. The laser is equipped with a voltage stabilizer, electric control of the second gas line and many additional accessories and consumables.

See this and similar models of fiber lasers, available on request, in any configuration:

  • with housing and two interchangeable tables -> WS-H PRO
  • with housing, two interchangeable tables and spindle -> WS-HM PRO

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The PRO series is distinguished by extensive equipment and is dedicated to high-volume production.

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Machinable materials

Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Other Metal Alloys

Standard equipment

Raytools head
Nesting function
Limit sensors on both axes + software protection
Two electronically controlled gas lines
Electronic, zone exhaust intake
Reinforced guide guards
Lighting of the head and working area
Welded or cast frame (option)
Industrial computer PRO
Schneider servo drives
Airtac pneumatics
PMI head screw drive
Omron electrical installation
THK / HIWIN guides
Dual Cool System cooling
Two tables working alternately
Warranty up to 5 years
CypCut software
Instruction PL / EN
Weni Care insurance
A set of accessories and consumables

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Full product description

Model 3015H PRO available now in our showroom -

A new, professional model of high power "High Power" laser cutter with an additional loading platform and a full housing will soon be available in our offer "FROM THE HAND". The 3015H model has two interchangeable work tables that work alternately, thus using the full production speed of the device. The device configuration will also include a stabilizer and a second gas line. The price includes Weni Care insurance, which protects against fire, flooding and other random events. The perfect solution for full-size production for which the time of material processing is a priority. The H series enclosure has a 4-chamber exhaust system, a fully sliding front door, and an additionally installed camera with an LCD monitor allows you to monitor the machining process. The laser has two open tables with a working area of 3000x1500mm and the laser power reaches up to 12000W. Characterized by high speed and the best parameters . The control system is located in a separate, free-standing cabinet, so it is not exposed to damage and disturbances related to the operation of the device, and facilitates the operation of the device. All axes are driven by the brand's latest servo motors Schneider , which are characterized by high accuracy and very high durability. The device has a powerful laser, auto focus, stable software CypCut of Nesting (self-optimizing distribution of projects on the media), a dual cooling system, a voltage stabilizer, a lubrication system and dust extraction system. The use of a heavy structure, made of high-quality metal alloys and subjected to long-term and special treatment, causes the stresses in the material to diminish, significantly reducing vibrations, shocks and vibrations, thanks to which the H series is characterized by high rigidity, stability and shock resistance, and the machined materials retain the selected parameters.
Auto Focus - Auto focus
All Weni fiber lasers are equipped with Auto Focus as standard. This feature is applicable to various focal lengths that are controlled by the laser control system. The focal point will be automatically adjusted during the cutting process in order to obtain the best cutting effect for different thicknesses of metal sheets. In practice, it means changing the thickness of the processed material by the operator, without re-adjusting the focal length manually.

The "Full Option" kit includes: stabilizer, electronic gas pressure control, "Weni Care" annual insurance, 2x glasses, 15x protective lenses down, 15x protective lenses up, 2x ceramic ring, 50x nozzles, PL software, WENI CARE insurance and care according to the WENI SMART CARE program.
*The data on the website is illustrative and may vary in configuration, configuration, configuration and extension of models as well as individual customer requirements. Additional information is available after contacting us.

Brand components

Click the tab to learn more about the component:

Raytools head

They are produced in Switzerland. The laser heads "RAYTOOLS AG" of the BM series are designed mainly for industrial applications. Designed for medium and high power fiber lasers. In our devices, we most often use the BM 109 1.5KW and BM111 3.3KW models.

A specialized dustproof housing prevents contamination of the collimating lens, which significantly increases its service life, and thus translates into the precision and efficiency of the laser beam. Optimization of the optical design and the water-cooled design enable stable and reliable operation of the laser heads in high-power devices.

The double safety design greatly increases the simplicity of the user when replacing the optics of the laser head, and the risk of contamination of the lens is almost zero. In addition, these heads are equipped with automatic focusing, which significantly improves the operation of the device.

Main features:

Positioning range up to 20mm
Compact, modular design
Highly efficient water cooling system
The ability to cut steel, non-ferrous metals and other highly reflective materials without fear of damaging the head
Various options for protective and focusing lenses

IGUS wiring

As an expert in energy chain systems, igus® has been supplying all components from a single source since 1964 - including cables. The technology and solutions developed and improved over the years by the German company igus® are unrivaled.

Contrary to the frequently offered spliceable cable options, igus® manufactures chainflex® cables based on the bundled principle. Motionplastic® technology is used in most professional devices on the market - we offer it as standard and use it in each of our devices.

Furthermore, igus® cables are covered by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty and are included in the price - with no hidden costs

Schneider Electric® servo drives

The Schneider Electric range of Lexium servo drives includes AC LXM servo drives for use with BCH2 servo motors.

They are characterized mainly by:

• Reduced startup time
• Increasing profitability
• Improving efficiency

The latest generation of MachineStruxureTM from Schneider Electric is an intuitive machine automation solution with all the features you need to improve your productivity and your bottom line.

MachineStruxure is a complete solution for machine builders with benefits throughout the machine life cycle.

Nesting function

The nesting technology (Nested Based Manufacturing or NBM) significantly shortens and improves the production process, especially in the case of curved cuts.

Thanks to the possibility of positioning whole sheets of plates, it allows for better use of the raw material, i.e. reducing the amount of waste generated. Nesting enables optimal use of the material, and the cutting simulation function will allow for appropriate production planning / Production planning: Before the actual machining, the simulation function will determine the time needed to complete the task.

IPG® laser generators

IPG Photonics is a leading manufacturer of laser generators in the world. Many years of experience guarantee the highest quality and the best parameters of the laser beam.

An extensive distribution network and service facilities guarantee excellent technical support for their products. Warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out by the laboratory in our factory.

YLR series laser generators available in versions from 500W to 2000W and YLS series from 2000W - 12000W.

Raycus® laser generators

Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leader in the production of laser generators in the Asian market. Wuhan Raycus has an international team of specialists conducting development research, which allows the improvement and expansion of laser generators.

A great advantage of the company is the service and technical support department, and all repairs of devices take place directly at the customer's premises.

Raycus RFL series laser generators available from 500W to 12000W.

CypCut software

CypCut laser cutting control system is a system software set designed for flat laser cutting, including laser cutting, common system functions and laser processing control, most of its functions are used in graphics processing, parameter settings, custom editing of the cutting process, simulation and control of the cutting process.

The CypCut software delivered with the device enables:

  • creating and saving technological parameters for tasks
  • performing cutting in automatic mode
  • optimization of element offsets
  • preventing the head from passing over the cut places
  • checking the quantity of parts, details and scrap
  • automatic insertion of bridges supporting a detail in the sheet
  • auto nesting - an autonomous mode of placing details by filling the sheet
  • saving and editing drawings in * .lxd, * .dxf, as well as other formats based on the control system. It is possible to synchronize the network with a personal computer and download information from any medium.

High voltage stabilizer

In other words, a three-phase voltage regulator (AC) - it was designed to protect and ensure high-quality power supply to Weni Solution laser devices.

The basis for the correct operation of each laser is equal and constant voltage without interference. This significantly improves the quality of the cut and the efficiency of the laser generator.

PMI / HIWIN / THK linear guides

Rail guides in our lasers are provided by three top manufacturers: PMI Linear Motion, HIWIN® and THK Global. They ensure high positioning accuracy, high repeatability and durability.

Linear guides ensure smooth movement of the trolley thanks to the use of rolling elements - balls or rollers. The difference between static and dynamic rolling friction is very small, so that the starting force is only slightly greater than the force supporting the movement. Therefore, stick-slip effects in Weni brand lasers do not occur.

Omron® electronic components

Omron Corporation is a world leader in automation. Provides a variety of products and services in the field of industrial automation and electronic components.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron is headquartered in Kyoto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Chicago and employs more than 37,000 people in 36 countries.

S & A® chiller

The advanced cooling unit CW-6200 is a device designed to ensure the optimal operating temperature of both the generator and the laser head. Advanced automatics used in our units allow precise control of the coolant temperature.

The built-in alarm system informs the user about exceeding the permissible operating temperatures and about disturbances in the cooling liquid flow.

Technical specifications

Models available:
Weni Solution
Working field
2x3000 × 1500mm
X axis range
Y axis range
Z axis range
Addressed resolution
X / Y axis positioning accuracy
X / Y axis repeatability
X / Y axis max speed
100m / min
Z axis max speed
375mm / sec
Max acceleration
Maximum load on the platform
Lockable housing
YES / class IP54 - opening front and side doors
YES / class IP54 - opening front and side doors
Cutting preview
YES - camera system
YES - camera system
Head type
Type of source
Raycus / IPG
Servo drives
Drive transmission
WMH Herion
Electrical installation
Head screw drive
Operating system
Windows 7 or later
Ethernet TCP / IP
LCD 17 ″ or larger
Nesting function
Gear lubrication system
Maximum gas pressure in the installation
3000 kPa (30 bar)
Gateway type
aluminum / cast < 0.373mrad
Voltage stabilizer
YES (extra paid option)
Dual Cool System / 13L / min
Handheld controller
YES / Wi Fi - wireless
Laser power
Raycus / IPG: 1000W - 4000W
Max energy consumption
Raycus: 1000W-18,34 / 1500W-20,44 / 2000W-22,54 / 3000W-26,74 / 4000W-32,34
IPG: 1000W-17,5 / 1500W-19,6 / 2000W-21,7 / 3000W-25,9 / 4000W-31,5
Working temperature range
10-45 ° C.
Laser class
ISO9001, CE
3-phase / 400V 50Hz voltage fluctuation> 5%
Dimensions (length * width * height)
8150*4000*2300 [mm]
10570*3424*2350 [mm]
Total mass

Cutting table

Cutting speed table

Technical image


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