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We invite you to presentations of Weni Solution devices
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Why is it worth making an appointment?

We know that getting to know the product and its specifications thoroughly is very important when choosing perfect device, that's why we give you many options to check and verify Weni Solution lasers in terms of own production needs and capabilities.
Regardless of the option chosen, we will do our best to show you the full potential of our devices.

By purchasing devices available immediately, you gain time and money, because the delivery is shortened to even a few working days.

We offer several presentation options:


Presentation at our headquarters


Sending materials by courier


Presentations at assosiated clients location


Remote presentations, also in foreign languages

Option no. 1 Presentations in the Weni Solution Showroom

The option which is most often chosen by our clients is to see the devices in person at the Weni Solution Showroom in Nysa.

It all starts with making an appointment with us in convenient for client time. We also carry out tests on the customer's materials. To meet the expectations of foreign customers, we also offer presentations in German and English.
Why is it worth coming to us?
• we will show how the device works,
• we will help in estimating the operating costs of our devices,
• we will prove the effectiveness of the laser on many materials,
• we will discuss the terms of purchase,
• we will provide a special offer with a discount,
• we will help in obtaining leasing,
• we will get to know each other and drink delicious coffee!
We conduct presentations in 3 languages:

How does it look in practice?

All presentations carried out in the Showroom are with reduced delivery time and do not oblige you to purchase. The customer has the option to purchase the tested device from with reduced delivery time or a different model is ordered to meet the customer's needs. The presentation cannot be tantamount to providing a service or work for the client.


Setting a date with our team


Sending material for tests


Your arrival and a conversation at the company's headquarters over a delicious coffee


Presentation of the device in the Showroom by an experienced service technician


Appropriate, last settings before making tests


Tests and demonstration of the device's capabilities


Summary interview - offer / proforma / transfer of materials

A few photos from the presentations:

See more photos in full gallery

What devices can you see with us?

The current list of devices on which we conduct presentations in our Showroom in Nysa can be found in the "Available immediately" tab. Additionally, each of the presented devices can be purchased with a shorter delivery time, in a special price offer.
See devices currently in stock

Option no. 2 Sending material by the courier

It is not always possible for you to visit us in person. We understand this, which is why our customers often send us photo report and we send them the results by courier, which we discuss by phone / e-mail. At the customer's request, we will also record photo report and execute photo report .

Parameters matched to the material

Photo report and video

Every design and material

Option no. 3
Remote presentations, also in foreign languages

We are always available

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we have introduced the possibility of conducting a remote presentation in Polish, English and German.

We organize a professional online conference, during which you can see the operation of the device in real time. We provide live image from the camera, and a representative of the Sales Department answers all questions in the language chosen by the client. It is a great opportunity to watch the cutting process and talk to specialists without leaving your own office.
The presentation is conducted by:

Option no. 4 Presentations at your company or at our associated clients

We will be happy to present the capabilities of our selected devices agree conditions . Due to the large size of most lasers, please contact us for agree conditions and determining the feasibility of making the presentation. The service is paid and its cost is reimbursed when the machine is purchased. The price list for this service is available after contacting the Customer Service Office: 77 433 71 30/[email protected]. (In order to confirm the reservation, a pro-forma payment is required. The presentation cannot be tantamount to providing a service or work for the client.)

As part of the cooperation, we also conduct presentations on the already installed Weni Solution devices at our clients' premises in Poland and abroad. Contact us and ask about the currently presented models.

The presentations are primarily an opportunity to get to know our team - because Weni Solution is also people!

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