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Are you looking for a job? Are you interested in technology? We are a constantly growing company and therefore open up many opportunities for you. We are looking for creative and capable employees who are reliable and have something different to offer. If you feel that you are a born salesperson or have manual skills and knowledge of mechatronics, give us a call and arrange an interview.

Why should you join us?

If you are looking for a way to develop your career, you have come to a place that will open the path to new skills and self-development. By joining us, you can expect to work in a young, dynamic team that is keen to help new employees and integrate them into our ecosystem.

Whether you apply for a service technician position, for the marketing or sales department, you can be sure that you will learn the ins and outs of technology and how interesting laser technology is as an industry. You can count on frequent staff integrations, meeting new interesting people, live contact with customers and international cooperation, or even participation in the biggest industry events. Find out how many opportunities you can gain and send your application to join us!

At Weni we are looking for people, not CVs. Because we believe that you can be the change!

We are currently recruiting for positions:

CNC laser equipment service technician

If you are proficient with technology and are a creative person who is not afraid of challenges - apply to us for the position of CNC Service Technician! We are looking for people who can think outside the box and find solutions based on their knowledge. The job offers opportunities to service equipment in the country, Europe and all over the world. Are you no stranger to working with tools and enjoy tinkering? This is the perfect place for you! We give you ample opportunities to grow and expand your knowledge of mechanics, electrics and the latest technologies. Join our team via the application, or contact Customer Service if you would like to know more about the workplace and your chosen position.
Job requirements:
• At least 2 years of experience
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Web developer/IT department

The position of web developer in our company is flexible. We are looking for an employee who is comfortable with handling the backend of websites, making visual changes and interesting solutions on the frontend. Do you know how to use and write MsSQL? Great! Can you get into an ERP/CRM system quickly? Great. Any additional skills in the IT area, such as creating network topologies or ensuring that the company's systems are working properly are welcome. Please contact the HR department for more information about the position.
Job requirements:
• Very good knowledge of PHP/JavaScript/HTML/CSS languages
• Basic knowledge of MsSQL databases
• Ability to configure servers based on Linux architecture
• Commitment to exploring and learning new systems
• Knowledge of basic IT concepts (networking, hardware connection and maintenance, etc.)
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We are looking for a person with experience to work in an administrative and office position. Your duties will include, among other things, bookkeeping (sp. z o.o.) and VAT registers, preparation of tax returns (VAT, CIT), preparation of annual financial statements, servicing the reports of the Central Statistical Office, preparation of reports and statements for the needs of the Board of Directors and banks , personnel service and other tasks related to documents and record keeping. We depend on a person who will be very meticulous and reliable in performing his duties.
Job requirements:
• experience of at least 2-3 years
• knowledge of tax and accounting regulations
• experience in working with Insert Nexo and Płatnik accounting systems
• ability to settle foreign transactions (import, WDT, WNT)
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Administration Department

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Job requirements:
• Minimum 2 lata doświedczenia
• Minimum 2 lata doświedczenia
• Minimum 2 lata doświedczenia
• Minimum 2 lata doświedczenia
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Sales manager

If you are passionate and want to develop your career in the field of CNC industrial equipment, then we are waiting for your application! We are looking for an experienced person who is meticulous in their duties and eager to take on new challenges. We offer an employment contract, attractive sales bonuses and incentive allowances, access to training and a chance for personal development, stable working conditions and the opportunity to operate in the international market. Join our team in Nysa at 18 Podolska Street.
Job requirements:
• very good knowledge of a foreign language - English or German
• team management skills
• good computer and Office skills
• well-developed negotiation and sales skills
• experience in working on a similar position
• driving license desirable
• willingness to develop
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Customer service employee

We are looking for a new member to join our team who will not only enrich our company, but also make our work even more efficient. The person in this position will have the opportunity to organize, accurately manage documentation, and provide professional service to our customers both on the phone and via e-mail. He or she will be responsible for receiving and processing orders, and will also support the work of other departments. This position offers attractive prospects for growth and advancement. Join us and help us achieve new goals!
Job requirements:
• conscientiousness and accuracy
• knowledge of English and Polish to a good degree - at least communicative - a necessary requirement
• willingness to work
• organization of own work
• ability to work with documents
• computer skills and knowledge of the Office package
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Internships and apprenticeships

We are always keen to support young, talented people in their search for their first job, which is why we often offer paid internship opportunities. We are currently recruiting for traineeships in the administration, marketing and service departments. In order to further support young people with experience and develop their skills, we are also happy to take on secondary school pupils and students as apprentices. If you would like to apply for an internship or apprenticeship, please call us on the contact number +48 77 433 71 30 or send your application to [email protected] and become part of our team!

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