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3 December 2021
Buy now, pay after the new year!

If you are looking for costs or would like to order a device and pay for it only in 2022 - we give you such an opportunity! The end of the calendar year is the last moment to reduce the company's tax income, and hence - lower income tax. In order to meet the expectations […]

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2 November 2021
PROMOTION: buy a fiber laser 5600€ cheaper

We are starting a promotion that has never happened before! Buy any model of a 3kW Raycus fiber cutter from our offer, and you will receive a discount of 5600€ and an additional 300W of power for free. You pay less and you get a device with higher power and more possibilities. Open the FIBER […]

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3 September 2021
Registration has started on the presentation of the ultra-powerful 1000W cleaning laser

The innovative ablative technology of the PRO version, i.e. the WS-CLM cleaning lasers by Weni Solution, is the best solution for various types of surfaces. The mobile laser device is reliable in removing dirt from materials such as metal, wood, rubber or stone without damaging the cleaned surface. We are currently registering for 1000W laser […]

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31 August 2021
Promotion: 3kW and 6kW "High Power" fiber cutters

The field of laser cutting is constantly evolving and uses more and more modern solutions. High-power devices are gaining popularity. Of course, the greater the power, the faster the operation and the greater the efficiency, and thus the reduction of production costs. One of the models available on the market is the WS3015H PRO fiber […]

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23 July 2021
New: Weni Care insurance - safety combined with quality

In order to ensure the highest standards of customer service, we are introducing a novelty - the "Weni Care" insurance service for our brand devices. What is "Weni Care"? This is comprehensive protection, with the amount of insurance up to the value of the purchased Weni Solution device. It covers damage caused by many random […]

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23 July 2021
We are changing for you: a new website and division of fiber lasers

With the arrival of summer, it's time for some good, necessary changes to Weni Solution. We are constantly working on improving the content we present so that it is both reliable and pleasant to receive. Therefore, we have introduced major modifications to the website and products. New, improved and clear website weni.eu The site acts […]

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8 February 2021
The presentations have started! - fiber laser for sheets and pipes

We start February 2021 with an invitation to a series of stationary presentations of the GM fiber laser series. From today (February 8) you have the opportunity to see in person the work of one of the most popular models of Weni Solution cutters. Fiber (fiber laser), which we are currently presenting at our showroom […]

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10 November 2020
Weni Solution in Forbes Polska - November 2020

Our brand joined the group of excellent companies cooperating with Forbes Polska (leader among business magazines) Monthly FORBES was found to be Magazine of the Year by Media i Marketing Polska. "Forbes authors are world business authorities. They are also authors of in-depth and synthetic materials covering both trends and specific microeconomic solutions. His trademark […]

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28 August 2020
Summary after the trade fair (STOM-TOOLS 2020)

Many thanks for such a nice reception of our devices and us - representatives of the Weni Solution brand. Our stand was one of the more willingly and more frequently visited in Hall D. We had the opportunity to present you two laser devices from the series CLM PRO, including the powers of 200W and […]

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4 August 2020
STOM-TOOL Kielce trade fair: let's meet!

We invite you to visit our stand between 22-24 September, at the XIII Metalworking, Machine Tools and Tools STOM-TOOL Fair in Kielce (Poland). During the fair, you will have the opportunity to see the latest technologies and industrial machines. This year we will present mobile work for you, fiber cleaning laser CLM200 PRO on the […]

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15 June 2020
June: Presentation of the cleaning laser

Dear customers, we are starting the second half of June records for the cleaning (ablation) laser presentations. The tests will be conducted on the model: CLM200 PRO with the power: IPG 200W , on our and your materials. The product is available in options with different powers on ours side . The laser cleaning technology […]

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21 May 2020
New: tube and profile cutter - welcome to the 6020TL laser

We present a novelty: the second series for pipes and profiles from Weni Solution - an affordable fiber laser with an open housing. The new WS 6020TL model is dedicated to the average ceiling thickness of pipes 6300mm long (processed material 6000mm) and diameter Φ20 - Φ220mm and profiles 150x150mm. Power laser source from 1kW […]

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23 April 2020
Weni's solutions in connection with COVID-19: presentations, online conferences

Dear customers, as it is known, in recent weeks running a business has been difficult due to pandemics. We, despite the difficulties, decided to rebuild the mode of our work so that we could continue to cooperate with you as safely and fruitfully as possible. Therefore, for those of you who are interested in buying […]

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10 March 2020
Note: change of Raycus power designation

Dear Customers, we would like to inform you that in 2020 the manufacturer of Raycus laser generators has introduced a change in power markings. Raycus RFL series laser generators are available from 500W to 12000W, the changes concern the power of: 2.2kW (upgrade to 2kW) and 3.3kW (upgrade to 3kW). These changes are effective immediately […]

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18 February 2020
Allegro about Weni Solution lasers: "One of the leading producers"

We are very pleased for the distinction from the largest auction site and at the same time a pioneer of online auctions in Poland. "Precise cutting in production plants is worth its weight in gold. That is why the right equipment that will optimize the cutting process in various types of materials is equally valuable. […]

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28 January 2020
Customer Presentations: New 1313FL Rev. 2.0 - fiber laser with an extendable work table

Thank you for numerous meetings and visits to the FL series fiber cutter presentations Fiber prepared for you in our workshop is a new version 2.0 of the popular model in a closed housing from the FL series, working area 1300x1300mm, power 1kW RAYCUS New functionalities include: extendable work table, wider door opening upwards and […]

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13 December 2019
365 successes and passions, i.e. the summary of 2019 in Weni Solution

The new year, fast approaching, inspired us to create a summary for the end of 2019 We have experienced almost 365 days of success with our clients, successful transactions, meetings and training. The challenges we face almost every day make us better for you. We are proud of our joint work and the results we […]

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12 November 2019
Post-exhibition fiber lasers - sale

We have the answer to your questions about promotions for devices: exhibition fiber optic cutters w attractive prices! Now you have the opportunity to buy three models of fiber lasers - all in a closed housing: 3015H 6kW, 3015HM 3kW, 1313FL 1kW The lasers are fully operational and their warranty is up to 5 years. […]

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16 October 2019
Weni Solution photo gallery - ready!

Many of you ask about our achievements in Poland and Europe, ask for additional photos and videos. In order to meet these needs of our clients, for some time we have been developing a subpage that will allow you to see in real time: how we work on installations and training, what can our devices […]

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13 August 2019
CO2 laser plotters available immediately - we are supplementing the Weni Solution warehouse

We are developing for you! We are working to ensure that the waiting time for the ordered devices is as good as possible. And therefore, in order to meet your expectations on time, selected models of devices are already available immediately. At the moment, you can choose among our brand's CO2 laser devices with the […]

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13 August 2019
Improving the functionality and refreshing the design - Fiber Cutters from the FL and HM series

The tips received from you as well as from the operators of Weni devices are valuable to us , we make every effort to implement them. Today we are happy to announce that some of them, after the discussion and design stage, are handed over to the Weni Solution production team. Two series of fiber […]

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30 April 2019
Installation and training - H series Fiber Laser

Just like our customers - at Weni Solution, we believe that the comprehensive training of laser device operators is a guarantee of: long-term failure-free operation of the device, safety in production and 100% use of the device's capabilities. During training on the H-series fiber laser with the power of 3300W Raycus, our training staff has […]

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10 January 2019
An article about the WB03II series of plotters in the latest issue of T&P

The article is devoted to our flagship series of plotters WB03II, which is characterized by innovative solutions. Weni Solution is now available in the latest issue of T&P magazine! In addition to the description of our device, you can find many interesting articles from the industry. We encourage you to read and send our best […]

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14 August 2018
They write about us: Polish Industry 2018 (polskiprzemysl.com.pl)

One of the first articles about the WENI SOLUTION brand, mainly devoted to the challenges of choosing a supplier of Fiber Optic Plotters (also known as fiber), now available on www.polskiprzemysl.com.pl. In the text, we also clarify the topic repeated in the inquiries from our clients: What to look for when buying a fiber laser? […]

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14 August 2018
WENI SOLUTION Quality Control

As you know, in the case of technology, there is no stabilization, but there is constant dynamic work - a process so thought out that our devices keep up with your rapid pace of development. All devices and products offered under the WENI SOLUTION brand are flagship models. Designed by our engineers, manufactured based on […]

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11 August 2018
WENI Solution in the magazine “T&P Tekstylia- Zdrób i Promotion” 3-2018

We encourage you to read the September (3-2018) issue of the magazine "T&P Tekstylia- Zdobienie i Promotion" dedicated to the fair "Marketing and Printing Festival in Warsaw", in addition to interesting topics related to the event, the Weni Solution brand has prepared an entry for you regarding Second generation multi-module table plotter from the WB […]

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2 June 2018
One device, many possibilities, 5-year warranty

Sometimes one device is enough - but the right one. WENI WB03II is an advanced table plotter for cutting sheet and rigid materials, as well as materials on a roll. Two tools can be used in one work cycle on the WB series. The multi-module head makes it easy to change tools. The device is […]

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21 July 0202
Polish Army: mobile presentation of the cleaning laser

In the current month of July, we had the pleasure of conducting a mobile presentation fiber cleaning laser for the Polish Army. We hosted the Military Unit in the capital of the country. A total of several dozen people participated in the presentation, several garrisons were represented. The tests were carried out on the model: […]

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