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10 November 2022
Cutting with compressed air - it pays off! (November 2022)

Auxiliary gases have the biggest impact on the price of laser cutting services, as both their price and consumption are quite high. Initially, oxygen was the main and most popular gas, then nitrogen also gained popularity. An example of "expensive cutting" would be working on stainless steel or nonferrous metals, which require high-pressure gases - […]

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22 September 2022
Laser welding - an excellent alternative to traditional methods

Laser welding is one of the most modern methods of joining metal materials. It is much more efficient and versatile than traditional TIG, MIG/MAG or MMA welding. It is distinguished primarily by its ability to weld thin and small parts without the formation of dents and deformations. This is possible mainly due to the relatively […]

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12 May 2022
Installation of the glass tube in the CO2 laser - step by step

Correct installation of the tube in the CO2 cutter allows you to maintain the warranty and further, trouble-free use of the laser. CO2. Below we have discussed step by step how to mount a glass tube in a CO2 laser. For your convenience, we have also added an instructional video, in which we present the […]

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