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Fiber lasers

7-tools multifunctional

Flatbed cutters

10/20/30 W

Fiber marker

metal & nonmetal

CO2 Lasers


Sales and  technical service of Co2 lasers, fiber lasers, markers and multi-module cutting plotters.


We're company with 7 years of experience in the industry and we bet above all reasonable quality to price ratio of CNC laser devices.

As one of the few on the market, we offer up to 5 years warranty with service in Poland and Europe.

Moreover, we conduct trainings for operators on using devices from our offer.

We approach each client individually, because we understand the needs of each of them may vary.

We strive for perfection so that, according to our motto, only satisfied customers come back to us, not products.


CO2 laser plotters will adapt well with cutting and engraving of materials such as plastics, leather, wood, plexiglass, plywood, rubber, paper, textiles and engraving laminates. Plotter control is comparable to using an office printer. Our CO2 plotters are able to engrave precise small parts, f.e: s...


It enables easy marking (stamping) of products for plastics such as: metals, plastics, electroplating, coated materials, rubber, epoxy, ABS, PVC, Pes, steel, titanium, paper, leather, etc. Application in industry: Cell phone keypads, plastic illuminated keyboards, electronic parts, electronic integr...


High-performance fiber lasers for mass, large-format and retail production.Device includes primarily: Systems of automatic loading, cutting of pipes and profiles. Raycus and IPG sources. The possibility of cutting open profiles. All lasers have autofocus, CypCut software and a nesting system. The vo...


Ablative fiber lasers available for cleaning various surfaces. They will successfully find themselves in production spaces, workshops, factories or everywhere where, there is a need to ensure useful level settings. An industrial cleaning laser - depending on the of power - includes o such elements a...

STOM-TOOL Kielce (Poland): let’s meet!


We invite you to visit our stand between 22-24 September, at the XIII Metalworking, Machine Tools and Tools STOM-TOOL Fair in Kielce (Poland).
Visit us at Hall D, stand D-43, and see the possibilities of the WS cleaning laser


Polish Army: mobile presentations of laser cleaning


In the current month of July, we had the pleasure of conducting a mobile presentation of the fiber cleaning laser for the Polish Army. We hosted the Military Unit from the capital of the country, the presentation was attended by a total of several dozen people, several garrisons were represented. The tests were carried out on the model: CLM200 PRO with the power: IPG 200W on the customer’s materials.


June: cleaning laser presentations


Dear customers, the second half of June we start with the presentations of the cleaning (ablative) laser.
Tests will be conducted on the model: CLM200 PRO with the power: IPG 200W, on our as well as your materials.
The product is available as an option with different powers on our website


New: pipe and profile fiber cutter – welcome to the 6020TL laser


We present new: the second series for pipes and profiles from Weni Solution – a fiber laser at an affordable price and an open housing.
The new WS 6020TL model is dedicated to an average ceiling thickness of 6300mm (processed material 6000mm), diameter 20 – 220mm and profiles 150x150mm.




WS1309C – RECI W4 – Non-Metal Auto Focus Head

Laser tube:

W4 RECI ~ 100-130W

Working area size:

1309C – 1300 x 900mm


WS1610C – RECI W4 – Stepper motors

Laser Tube:

W4 - RECI®

Working area size:



CLM PRO 200W – Cleaning Laser

Main features:
contactless , economical , innovative , intuitive

Power options:


Fiber Laser 3015GM 1500W Raycus – Spindle 3m

Model: WS3015GM

Laser power: 1500W Raycus

Working area: 3000 x 1500mm

Profiles: 3m Φ20 - Φ200mm


Top 5 fiber laser Weni Solution for cutting steel and more

In the following table we present the TOP 5 Weni Solution fiber cutters recommended for cutting steel and more Model WS 1313FL - a laser in a full enclosure with a retractable worktop and sliding front door The compact...

What kind of materials we can cut by CO2 laser? – application overview

CO2 lasers differ from fiber lasers by the wavelength of light, which significantly increases the range of materials that can be processed with it The most popular materials are: wood, plastics like PMMA (plexiglass), fabrics,...

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine’s Daily Maintenance

1   Before starting the fiber laser (laser cutter) important step is to check the condition of protective lenses and ensure yourself that on the lens does not occur any scratches, burns, dust or cracks 2  Before...

Steel Cutting – Which laser is better ? Co2 or Fiber?

Co2 Laser vs Fiber Laser The first Co2 lasers were used in metalworking already in the 1980s, however, over time engineers and scientists have made significant progress Although the technology of fiber optic lasers had its...

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