Weni Solution - manufacturer of CNC laser devices

We are a company with 11  years of experience in an industrial sector that focuses on a reasonable ratio  value for money devices. As one of the few on the market, we offer as many as up to 5 years warranty including service in Poland and Europe. Additionally we train operators from operating devices from our offer. We approach each client individually, because we understand that the needs of each of them may differ. We develop for you every day, so that, in accordance with our motto, only satisfied customers, not products, come back to us. Now the company's offer also includes an online store with accessories and components, "Weni Store".

What devices do we offer?

Fiber Lasers

Quality guarantee • MAXIMUM PRECISION

Efficient and innovative fiber lasers for mass, large-format and retail production. We offer proven Raycus and IPG sources with nominal power from 500-12000 W. All lasers have autofocus, CypCut software and a nesting system. The voltage stabilizer allows for constant and even mains voltage without disturbances. We use components from reputable companies, including in. HIWIN, PMI, AirTAC, Shneider, Panasonic, Omron, Raycus, IPG.

Co2 Lasers

Multiple Applications • Quality / Price

CO2 laser plotters can be used for cutting as well as for engraving materials such as: plastics, leather, wood, plexiglass, plywood, rubber, paper, textiles and engraving laminates. Our CO2 plotters are able to engrave small elements such as stamps, which proves their high precision.

Fiber Markers

Precise marking • AUTOMATION

They enable easy marking (marking) of plastic products such as: metals, plastics, electroplating, coated materials, rubber, epoxy, ABS, PVC, polyester, steel, titanium, paper, leather, etc.

Table Plotters

MultiTASK • Knife and tool kit

Table plotters for cutting, creasing, notching and milling sheet materials, as well as those from a role. The CCD camera located on the head allows for automatic contour / contour cutting with high precision. The devices have an efficient 6-section vacuum table, which prevents the material from shifting during processing.

Cleaning Lasers

WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES • Innovative technology

The cleaning lasers available in the offer allow you to clean various types of surfaces. They will successfully find themselves in the space of production plants, workshops, factories or wherever there is a need to take care of the space used at the highest level. Allows for non-contact and non-invasive removal of rust, dirt, paint, oil, stains from many materials

Store with spare parts and accessories

Official Weni Solution store

We invite you to our online store "Weni Store", where laser operators and owners can buy most of the parts, components and other accessories for their burner. Now you can easily place an order for the necessary items, and the shipment will reach you even the next business day (warehouse in Poland). Check it out today!

What's new in Weni?


All devices of the brand Weni Solution are built based on the experience gained and only on proven components from reputable manufacturers. Combined with the restrictive quality control , result in precision i reliability our devices. The production is based on the ISO 9001 standard with the supervision of the entire process by the R&D CENTER quality department, thanks to which we provide up to 5 years warranty on our products. Professional service throughout Europe will take care of systematic inspections, which translates into long and trouble-free operation. We also provide technical and post-warranty support, and in the event of a failure, a quick response from the service.

We take care of our references and are proud of every device delivered.

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