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25 September 2023

NEW - Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

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We present to you two new sets of laser peripherals:

1.Nitrogen Generator WS-NG-600

Our nitrogen generator offers many advantages over traditional methods of obtaining nitrogen for production purposes:

  • First, the generator provides independence from suppliers and flexibility in nitrogen supply, which is especially important for continuous use.
  • Second, the generator saves the cost of purchasing and transporting nitrogen cylinders. In addition, the 99.9% pure nitrogen produced by the generator is stable, reliable and has no limits on availability. The nitrogen generator has the capacity to fill about twenty 50l cylinders in just eight hours of operation.

2.Oxygen Generator WS-OG-1500

Here are some of the benefits it provides:

  • Independence from oxygen suppliers and fluctuating gas market prices.
  • Eliminate the need for logistics and cylinder storage.
  • Modularity, flexibility and low operating costs.

Don't waste more time and money buying oxygen - invest in our oxygen generator!

In addition, we offer various oxygen generator options, including a dedicated air compressor, a compressed air dryer, compressed air filters, an air booster for high pressures up to 210 bar, and a filter package tailored for food industry applications.

For details of the commercial offer, please contact our salesmen at tel. +48 77 433 71 30

For the convenience of our customers, we serve you in three languages: Polish, German, English.

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