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30 November 2018

What is LGP technology?

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LGP technology - (light-conducting plate), the ray generated from the LED passes through the LGP and is reflected from the surface according to the principle of total internal reflection.
LGP panels They are used in many fields of industry and advertising. Starting with light advertising, plafonds, light boxes, frames and visual advertising, lighting and furniture industry.
The LGP panel is an acrylic sheet usually made of pure PMMA resin. PMMA material is extremely transparent, very resistant to weather conditions. At the bottom of the plate (matrix), a grid of points, crosses, ellipses, rectangles or lines V and H is created by laser. Depending on the number of light sources, an appropriate combination is used. The most popular is a grid composed of lines arranged vertically or horizontally, and also in the form of a lattice. The aim of all methods is to direct the light in the right direction and its diffusion, which results in evenly lit panels that emit a large amount of light.

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