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2 November 2021

PROMOTION: buy a fiber laser 5600€ cheaper

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We are starting a promotion that has never happened before!

Buy any model of a 3kW Raycus fiber cutter from our offer, and you will receive a discount of 5600€ and an additional 300W of power for free. You pay less and you get a device with higher power and more possibilities.

  1. Open the FIBER LASERS tab
  2. Choose any 3kW cutter
  3. Contact us and get a special offer for a higher power device

Already have a fiber laser? You can increase its power to 3.3kW!

We offer the possibility of replacing the generator with 3.3kW Raycus at an attractive price, with free installation.

What else do you gain?

We offer free Weni Care insurance and care for each fiber laser specialists for financing which will help to arrange all formalities related to the purchase through leasing, installments, co-financing, etc.

Hurry up, it's a one-time offer! Contact us and ask for details: Customer Service Office: 77 433 71 30 / [email protected]

* The special offer does not apply to devices that are already covered by the promotion, i.e .:
Fiber laser WS-3015H PRO 3kW with a set of consumables and insurance

Weni Solution team

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