23 April 2020

Weni's solutions in connection with COVID-19: presentations, online conferences

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Dear customers, as it is known, in recent weeks running a business has been difficult due to pandemics.

We, despite the difficulties, decided to rebuild the mode of our work so that we could continue to cooperate with you as safely and fruitfully as possible.

Therefore, for those of you who are interested in buying a device in addition to standard communication methods (such as: mail, telephone) we suggest:

  1. replacement for meetings with our traders - online conferences,
  2. and NOVELTY - online presentations in two forms:
  • video from the operation of the selected device (on materials and projects sent from you)
  • online conference in the form of a real-time presentation.

For those of you who decide to buy a device now, and the arrival of our installers is impossible - there are two types training videos:

  • installation,
  • with device operation.

also shipments of packages and orders are carried out with the utmost care and even more restrictive attention to hygiene.


We work for you because we believe that with all precautions and a reasonable approach

we will survive this difficult time and soon we will all return to normal everyday life.

Weni Solution team

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