23 June 2022

Laser welder - a novelty in the Weni Solution offer

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We present a novelty in our offer - a modern laser welder with a feeder! The WS-EWL model is an advanced device for quick and convenient execution of durable welds that do not require further processing.

Why is it worth choosing a laser welder?

The WS-EWL model is a professional high-quality equipment that allows you to make aesthetic and repeatable welds. The operation of the laser is intuitive and operator training requires less time and costs compared to traditional welding methods. The construction of the welding machine is simple, the device has a small number of consumable parts, thanks to which the maintenance costs are low.

The laser welding process is characterized by high purity and high working speed. The device enables the welding of thin sheets, as it creates a small heat-affected zone, thanks to which the metal does not deform.

What can be laser welded? This technology enables the joining of materials that are difficult to weld and have different properties, such as stainless steel and aluminum. The laser welder is also suitable for processing, among others carbon steel, galvanized steel, acid-resistant steel or brass.

How much does a laser welder cost?

All Weni Solution devices are professional and have the highest quality / price ratio. The price of the WS-EWL laser welder, depending on the power of the beam, starts at PLN 59,000. Configurations available are 1000W, 1500W or 2000W, with a Raycus or IPG laser generator to choose from.

In addition, when you buy, you will receive delivery, installation and training in the use of the device for free!

What will you get in the price of the device??

  • WS-EWL laser welder with a power of 1kW, 1.5kW or 2kW,
  • Automatic wire feeder,
  • Hanli SCH-1500 cooling,
  • Schneider electrics,
  • Light and handy BWT15 head,
  • Protective glasses,
  • A set of nozzles for various types of welds,
  • Warranty up to 5 years,
  • Delivery, installation and training.

Automatic operator assistance

In the set with the welding machine we also add a welding wire feeder. It is an extremely important device in the operator's work, which greatly facilitates the welding process. Enables automatic feeding of the welding wire according to the set parameters.

Feeder functions:

  •   Push-Pull, feeds the wire and guides the welder's hand at the same time
  •   The possibility of manual drawing of the wire, especially useful when installing a new roll
  •   Rollback, retracts the wire and winds it on the spool
  •   Other functions such as wire feed speed and delay time

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

For more information about the device, please visit the product page. The purchase of a laser welder is a perfect complement to the machine park, equipped, for example, with fiber optic cutters or cleaning lasers.

We also offer a 3-in-1 laser welder with laser cutting and cleaning functions. The device enables both creating precise welds and thorough cleaning of welds or cutting thin sheets. It is a perfect solution that allows you to save space and money. Find out more about the WS-CWM 3W1 model on the product page.

Do you need help in obtaining financing or leasing? Contact our Financing Department (+48 530 514 759).

Having a problem with your device? You can count on the support of the Weni Solution service team (+48 575 262 160).

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