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2 June 2018

One device, many possibilities, 5-year warranty

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Sometimes one device is enough - but the right one.

WENI WB03II is an advanced table plotter for cutting sheet and rigid materials, as well as materials on a roll.

Two tools can be used in one work cycle on the WB series. The multi-module head makes it easy to change tools.

The device is manufactured under the strict supervision of the quality control department
and the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees that each of our products is refined and ready to work for you.

The second generation WB series is a proven solution based on 25 years of experience in building cutting plotters.

WENI WB03II feature: modular system (suitable for passing through a small door during installation), marker / marker detection system for cutting along the detected contour, high precision thanks to servo drives, two tool holders, MMI touch panel for device control, safety system - Crash + impact device and front and rear infrared sensors, laser pointers (2 pcs - for manual positioning), vacuum pump and compressor, set of tools.

To meet your expectations, as one of the few in Europe, we also offer
5-year warranty on all WENI SOLUTIONS devices.

To arrange presentations, please contact us [email protected] +48 77 433 71 30

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