8 April 2022

Training with up to 100% co-financing!

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Our specialists will conduct two-day training during which they will share their knowledge and experience in the use of fiber optic cutters. It is certainly worth taking advantage of our offer, because you also have the possibility of obtaining funding:

- As part of KFS (National Training Fund) - %-100%
- As part of the BUR (Development Services Base) - 50 %-80%

Gain specialized knowledge

Make an appointment for a two-day training meeting, which will take place in our headquarters from September 2022. The training program includes a whole range of information necessary for correct and effective work with a fiber laser , including:
- basics of laser generator operation ,
- operation and operation of the CNC laser cutter for sheets, pipes and profiles,
- selection of cutting parameters (taking into account laser power, material type and technical gases used),
- construction , maintenance and servicing of the device in compliance with health and safety rules,
- work optimization (effect / cost / time),
- advanced functions of Nesting and FlyCut software,
- live demonstration of the possibility of a fiber optic cutter .
Undoubtedly, an interesting topic is also laser cleaning, therefore, we will also present an innovative cleaning laser !

Dates and duration of training

Our meetings will last for two days (16h) and will take place on:
- September 1-2,
- 5-6 September,
- September 7-8,
- September 2-13,
- September 15-16,
- September 19-20,
- September 22-23,
- September 26-27,
- September 29-30,
- October 3-4.
Due to high interest, registration will be closed on April 30th, so don't wait and sign up now!

Contact us!

tel. 533 287 841, e-mail: [email protected]

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