30 September 2022

New shipment - laser devices available off-the-shelf

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Another shipment of laser devices delivered to our warehouse! And in it - CO2 plotters, fiber optic cutters, laser markers and industrial compressors. Prepared for customers and available in stock. Are you looking for a quick purchase? Choose one of these products and we will deliver in just a few business days!

Laser devices available in stock

Current offerings include:

  • WS1006C - Compact CO2 laser plotter in a full housing. It has a small working area of 1000 x 600 mm, designed for cutting and engraving non-metallic materials.
  • WS1309CM - Multifunctional CO2 laser with metal cutting and engraving function. Equipped with an enclosed housing and a 1300 x 900 mm working field.
  • WS1830TC - CO2 laser plotter dedicated mainly to cutting fabrics and textiles. It has two heads operating synchronously and a special belt table. Equipped with an automatic material feeder to streamline work.
  • WS3015H - The flagship model of the PRO series high-powered 6 kW fiber laser cutting machine, designed for cutting sheets in full-scale production. Fully enclosed laser, it has two working tables working alternately and extensive equipment.
  • WS3015G - The most popular basic model of fiber optic sheet cutting machine with an open working table of 3000 x 1500 mm, equipped with a 3 kW laser generator.
  • WS3015HM - An advanced fiber cutter for sheets, tubes and profiles suitable for full-scale production. It has a spindle for cutting pipes with a maximum length of up to 6 meters. Equipped with a 3 kW laser generator.
  • 500L screw compressor - A versatile industrial compressor, will work well with laser equipment, but also has many other applications. Among other things, it allows laser cutting with compressed air, which significantly reduces production costs -.
    Learn more about it in our Knowledge Base.

Check the complete list of all devices in the "In stock" tab.

Why choose an device from stock?

  • Fast delivery time from our warehouse in Poland,
  • Special price offer,
  • Models in ready-made configurations, selected by our specialists,
  • Possibility to see the machine live,
  • Option to test the device during a free presentation in our Showroom in Nysa (Opolskie Voivodeship).

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