22 February 2022

Test screw compressor 90 days for free!

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For each PRO series fiber laser, we add a new Weni Solution screw compressor free of charge, for 3 months from the moment of device installation - no fee.
At the end of the trial period, you can return the device or buy it at a favorable price.

Try our compressor - it saves twice!

First of all, you gain the possibility of cutting with compressed air , which allows you to reduce costs by 70-80%, and a universal compressor with a capacity of 500l for use for 90 calendar days. The use of air in laser cutting is much cheaper than the use of other auxiliary gases such as pure nitrogen or oxygen. The compressed air cutting method allows to reduce production costs up to 6 times. The Weni Solution compressor is compatible with all burners of our brand, but it will certainly prove useful in other areas, e.g. for cleaning rooms, inflating tires, painting or powering pneumatic tools.

3 guaranteed benefits:

  1. Professional , universal industrial compressor (to be tested for three months at no charge).
  2. The opportunity to try out a modern air cutting method (more information in the latest article: Air cutting - it pays off! )
  3. Reduced cost of purchasing a compressor after the trial period.

Promotion details:

The promotional offer is valid until the end of May 2022 or while stocks last (with the possibility of extension). Applies to all fiber cutters (fiber optic) from the PRO series . After the free trial period, you can buy the compressor at a discounted price or return it to the company's registered office. Details of the offer and regulations are available after contacting the sales department.

Payback for the purchase of an air cutting compressor in just one year!

Do you have any questions? Contact us:
a) By e-mail: [email protected]
b) By phone: 77 433 71 30 (Mon-Fri 8-16: 00)
c) Through the form available on our website


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