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27 July 2022

Leasing in euro - save up to PLN 40,000

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The cost of obtaining leases for industrial equipment has risen noticeably in recent times. Political turmoil, pandemic, inflation, and including the weakening of the zloty, caused interest rates to rise from around 108% to as high as 135%.

In this difficult time we have a solution for you!

Foreign currency leasing pays off

We offer the option of leasing in euro, with a fixed or variable interest rate. Such an option saves a considerable amount of money and reduces the interest rate by up to 104%.

Today, leasing in euro is cheaper on average by 15-20% compared to leasing in zlotys. In addition, even if you choose a fixed interest rate option, you can exchange it for a variable rate at any time. This is an excellent hedge, especially in the event of a possible drop in the value of the euro.

How much do you save on leasing in euro?

Sample calculation:

One of our most popular machines, the WS3015H 3kW fiber optic cutter with two work tables, costs PLN 359,000 net. If you select the "lease in euro" option, the monthly installment will gross PLN 5,600. This is £550 cheaper per month than leasing in PLN. To sum up, by choosing a currency form of financing, we save a total of as much as PLN 39,600 gross over the entire lease term.

Realistic calculation for our customer

Repayment period: 72 months - Down payment: 20% - Interest rate: fixed


Monthly installment Cost of financing Savings every month Total savings
Leasing in PLN PLN 6,150 gross 125% - -
Leasing in EUR PLN 5,600 gross 115% 550 PLN gross PLN 39,600 gross

The calculation presented is for informational purposes and does not constitute a commercial offer.


On a daily basis, we help customers with our Weni Shield financial services. According to financial specialist Weni Solution, choosing a lease in euro is the most convenient and cost-effective option at the moment. As she stresses, "it just pays off."

Note - the offer is directed only to Customers with a business registered in Poland.

Do you have questions? Contact us!

Are you interested in this financing method? We invite you to a free consultation with our specialist. You will learn how to account for foreign currency leasing in 2022, receive a quote and your own calculation for the Weni Solution device of your choice.

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