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15 April 2023

Laser cutting machine "HIGH POWER" for 72 000 €* - special offer

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The 3015H second-generation fiber laser is the flagship model in Weni Solution's product line.

To meet your needs, including price, we have prepared a special offer.
Starting in April, we present the perfect solution, perfectly tailored to your requirements.
Now, for a net price of 72 000 €, you get the whole package of benefits.

What exactly does the special offer package include?

  • Weni Solution fiber laser at a discounted price,
  • Reduced lead time,
  • Two interchangeable working tables with dimensions of 3000x1500mm,
  • 3kW Maxphotonics generator,
  • Branded components of the best quality,
  • Screw compressor for 3 months (possibility to try the air assisted cutting method) - more about its application here: Screw Compressor 16Bar 500l - Weni Solution
  • shopping voucher (the entire range, including lenses and safety glasses) at our partner shop Weni Store

For details and availability of the special offer, please contact our sales representatives tel. +48 77 433 71 30.

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