31 August 2021

Promotion: 3kW and 6kW "High Power" fiber cutters

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The field of laser cutting is constantly evolving and uses more and more modern solutions. High-power devices are gaining popularity. Of course, the greater the power, the faster the operation and the greater the efficiency, and thus the reduction of production costs.

One of the models available on the market is the WS3015H PRO fiber laser by Weni Solution. It is a series device for professionals (PRO), with a powerful generator and rich in-house equipment. Intended for high-volume production where laser efficiency is of key importance.

Model WS3015H PRO at a promotional price, it is available in two configurations. The “High Power” model is equipped with a Raycus laser source of power 6kW , which allows you to work at an extremely fast pace, while maintaining high cutting accuracy, at the ultra price of PLN 620,000 net. The second, generator power 3kW , maintains the excellent quality of the processed materials and good cutting pace, for the net price of PLN 350,000.

Check WS3015H PRO 6kW

Check WS3015H PRO 3kW

Both versions of the fiber cutter model have a working area of ​​3000x1500 mm in full construction. The casing of the devices has a 4-chamber exhaust system and a fully sliding front door. Additionally, the installed camera with an LCD monitor allows for constant monitoring of the machining process. Raytools head with autofocus enables precise work and high quality of laser work. The device is also equipped with a voltage stabilizer and electric control of the second gas line.

Currently, the WS3015H PRO model in both versions is on sale! In addition, to each purchased device, we also add a free Weni Care policy, insuring the equipment against such random accidents as flooding, fire or electric short circuit.

Call us or send email today and ask for details.

We also offer other models of lower power fiber lasers, available immediately! These are the last items at such low prices: WS3015G with the power 1.5kW or 2kW and WS3015GM with a power of 1.5 kW with an extension for cutting pipes and profiles.

For more laser devices available from stock, please here .

Weni Solution team

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