23 July 2021

We are changing for you: a new website and division of fiber lasers

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With the arrival of summer, it's time for some good, necessary changes to Weni Solution. We are constantly working on improving the content we present so that it is both reliable and pleasant to receive. Therefore, we have introduced major modifications to the website and products.

New, improved and clear website weni.eu

The site acts as a virtual assistant, contains many new tabs and information about the devices and services we offer. A modern configurator with a price list facilitate the selection of a device tailored to the production and budget needs of the client. In our warehouse in Poland, we have devices whose delivery time is shortened to even a few days (the offer is constantly updated in the " Available immediately " ). We have prepared many graphics and tables so that you can browse the offer of Weni Solution devices with even more pleasure.

Division fiber lasers: BASIC and PRO

Another novelty on the weni.eu website, which makes it easier to navigate and choose the best solution. All our fiber cutters are divided into two categories:

  1. BASIC - the basic series, economical, contains less configuration options than the PRO series. These models have, among others Basic computer, manual exhaust extractor, welded frame, and two gas lines, including only the first electronically controlled.
  2. PRO - a series with a wider range of expansion options. PRO devices have, among others: a powerful industrial computer Pro, head lighting, electronic, zone exhaust extraction, two electronically controlled gas lines. In the configurator window, you can also change the frame to a cast one, and the ball rollers to pneumatic. This series includes models with a spindle for processing pipes and profiles up to 3/6 m long (optional).

Regardless of the type and series of the device, we offer different table sizes and power from 1000W Raycus / IPG to be able to meet the requirements of each customer and his production plans. We hope that the introduced amenities will make your stay on the new website more pleasant and will help you make a decision about the purchase of proven Weni Solution devices.

We encourage you to visit: weni.eu and contacting the Customer Service Office: tel. 77 433 71 30 or e-mail: [email protected]

Weni Solution team

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