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8 March 2022

Online store with laser parts - WENI STORE opening

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As a supplier of laser devices, we know how important the proper selection and availability of consumables is. Until now, customers have bought them in our partner store e-logosmedia.pl, and from March 2022 they can buy them in the specialized online store WENI STORE .

Opening of the Weni Store

The unavailability of spare parts is a big problem in the industrial sector. Many customers order parts from China, which involves additional costs and often - problems with shipping, customs, etc. At Weni Solution , we propose a solution - our own warehouse of parts, accessories and components for laser devices located in Poland. You can take advantage of the rich assortment today via Weni Store .

We offer original products of proven brands, including: RECI , Raytools , OMRON and Ruida . We offer the most frequently replaced laser consumables: single , double and double chrome (types A and B) nozzles, sensors, and glass tubes . In addition, you will also find laser accessories in the store, such as protective glasses for working with fiber lasers and CO2.

Buy laser parts quickly and at a good price

We provide fast delivery from our warehouse in Poland, therefore, shipments of goods take place every day. What's more, as much as 80% of orders are delivered on the next business day. At Weni Store, we guarantee competitive prices, and additionally organize periodic promotions on our range.

Only until March 31, you will buy the entire assortment cheaper by 5%! Just enter the code "WENISTORE" in the basket.

Do you need advice? We will help!

Do you have a problem with your device and need spare parts? Or maybe you have doubts what component options will be best for your laser plotter? Contact us, we'll help you find a solution! We offer professional advice from our service team and comprehensive commercial service.

Orders can be placed directly via the Store , by phone: 77 433 71 30 or by e-mail: [email protected] .

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