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18 January 2022

Summary of 2021 Changes we are proud of.

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The past year has brought many fruitful meetings and changes in our company. We visited many clients in Nysa during the presentation of our devices, signing contracts or establishing cooperation. We also had the opportunity to meet with you during the installation or training carried out by our Service Department.

How will 2021 be remembered?

  1. In JanuaryWe have built a warehouse and increased the stock of spare parts and laser accessories, thus guaranteeing quick execution of orders placed in the e-logosmedia.pl partner store. We have shortened the waiting time for the shipment - over 80% of packages are delivered on the next business day. We will also launch the store soon Weni Store, which will be a full, technically developed offer with laser parts.
  2. We have significantly expanded the ranges in Europe and the number of lasers sold. Thanks to the trust of our recipients, Weni Solution lasers are already working in the farthest corners of Europe, e.g. Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Greece. Photos from the presentations can be found in the gallery on the weni.eu website.
  3. In March, we implemented new financial services, including insurance: Weni Care and Weni Care +. They guarantee peace of mind related to the safety of both devices and employees. From 2021, we offer free help and advice from our specialist in obtaining leasing or other forms of financing (over 50 companies have already benefited from her help). Read more about financing and policies.
  4. We have conducted over half a hundred presentations on several devices from our offer. If you are also interested in testing our lasers, please contact us: [email protected] , phone: 77 433 71 30.
  5. In May, we added an industrial compressor to our offer, enables cutting with compressed air. You can read more about this method coming soon in our knowledge base.
  6. The company's development is primarily due to our team. This year, we focused on further employee development, including internal and external training. We also proudly continued our efforts to provide equal opportunities for men and women. In 2021, the magazine " Steel and New Technologies (download magazine) " appeared article with an interview with the Marketing Department Director, who talked about women in the industry:quotation: “I still believe“ this is a man's world ”and there is still a lot to do here regarding healthy feminism. Fortunately, managers are starting to appreciate the value of mixing squad more and more. They rightly notice that when working with men, women complement each other perfectly. " - Director of the Marketing Department Natalia Stepniowska
  7. In July, we launched a refreshed, interactive weni.eu website, including: a real-mode device price calculator and a very intuitive interface. We tried to give the possibility of a virtual presentation of the product. As one of the few on the market, we show the prices of all our devices , services and configurations.
  8. In response to your needs, in August we introduced a new division of fiber optic cutters.
  9. We supported our clients in the difficult times of the pandemic, offering shopping on special terms included in the "Weni Shield" offer. In addition, we have added the WS-3015 H fiber cutter with full equipment at a discounted price to our permanent offer.
  10. We focused on the development of the young generation - we continued our educational mission by organizing apprenticeships and internships for high school and university students, giving them the opportunity to use theoretical knowledge in practice.
  11. In November, we participated in the development of the region of Opole as a sponsor. We supported, among others: the State Higher Vocational School in Nysa. You can see the photos on our Facebook page: Weni Solution Poland
  12. In December, we thanked our regular customers and contractors for fruitful cooperation. We have sent over a hundred Christmas gifts made on our device (CO2 laser) .

What are we especially proud of?

We have finished the installation of the first Weni Solution fiber laser with a 3D head . Soon, a valuable article will appear in our news, including installation details and photos. Now you can see the video presenting the device.

We co-create our brand with you, so once again - thank you. May 2022 be filled with new challenges and be as successful for us as for you.

Weni Solution team


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