30 October 2022

Weni - Solutions tailored to customer needs

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In more than 10 years, we have installed hundreds of units across Europe - from Helsinki to Athens. However, it is difficult to find two identically built and equipped models in this list, with the same size, performance, power and with the same starter package of consumable parts. The industrial sector is very complex, and each client has a different agenda and budget assumptions. In view of these growing customer expectations and needs, our Sales and Financial Specialists present "tailor-made" solutions, and for customers who prefer to review the offer themselves first, we have prepared a number of simple and clear tools, such as a price configurator or leasing calculator.

Open pricing policy - intuitive configurator

As one of the few in the CNC laser equipment market, we rely on the Open Price Policy. On our website weni.eu we present the net prices of all devices in the offer and their approximate delivery cost. This is quite a convenience for clients who are doing preliminary research, just comparing prices, or for some reason can't or don't want to contact for a quote. The open pricing policy prevents artificially high amounts, which are lowered only during the conversation. The customer is guaranteed to start negotiations with the price checked on the website. A composite price list also allows you to visualize the cost of each additional component of the device, its power or size. This allows you to make a final decision on the configuration and other details of your order. Due to the fact that we are not able to introduce all possible configurations in the devices, we naturally encourage you to contact the Sales Department, in order to receive a full "tailor-made" offer.

Custom made devices - meaning what kind?

Weni Solution's product line includes CO2 cutters, fiber optic cutters, cleaning lasers and laser welders, among others. The equipment categories are divided into models that differ in purpose or design.
For example: WS-TL BASIC - is a fiber optic cutter for cutting pipes and profiles, WS-H PRO will be ideal for cutting metal sheets, and WS-C is a CO2 laser that will work well for cutting non-metal materials. Weni Solution's laser devices customers can freely configure in our interactive price list or traditionally - during a conversation. Each sales supervisor asks about production plans, materials, budget, hall size, or production volume, allowing the best-fit solution to be proposed. Most often, these are proposals that by the customer's expectations differ from those available on the site-we adapt our cutters to the entire machinery park of a given production.

Screenshot of Weni Solution- price configurator 2022
Product configurator at weni.eu

Order a ready-made device right away!

Do you care about fast delivery? Check out the range of cutters and other equipment we have in our warehouse in Nysa. We have prepared models in proven configurations!

Win-Win - we care about mutual satisfaction

Especially in these difficult times, we are committed to good cooperation with the customer, a sense of security and a Win-Win relationship. We take an individual approach to each call and sale, and offer individually configured equipment at the best value for money, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers. We are happy to fulfill orders for the production of equipment that our competitors could not or would not undertake. Nothing is impossible for us and our team!

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