3 September 2021

Registration has started on the presentation of the ultra-powerful 1000W cleaning laser

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The innovative ablative technology of the PRO version, i.e. the WS-CLM cleaning lasers by Weni Solution, is the best solution for various types of surfaces. The mobile laser device is reliable in removing dirt from materials such as metal, wood, rubber or stone without damaging the cleaned surface.


We are currently registering for 1000W laser presentations, it is probably the strongest and fastest cleaning laser available on the market. It even removes many layers of dirt at the same time. The device is ready to work at an extremely fast pace, while maintaining the best quality of operation.


This modern method of laser cleaning replaces the invasive techniques used so far (such as sandblasting), which can damage the top layer of the processed material, and chemical cleaning, which is very harmful to the environment. Currently, the restrictions on environmental protection are more and more stringent, and the use of the laser device meets all standards and is ecological.


Weni laser cleaning is extremely efficient. The device works at high speed, is effective and saves a lot of time and costs. Laser WS-CLM PRO by Weni Solution, it removes, inter alia, rust, paint, resin, oil and other dirt without contact. It can be used to restore rusty car parts, restore wooden elements, remove dirt from tools or clean scaffolding.


The operation of the device is simple and intuitive. Model wyposażono w wygodną w obsłudze głowicę z poręcznym uchwytem. Its special design ensures resistance to shocks and allows you to maintain the best quality of the laser beam.


The cleaning laser is available in the following powers: 100W , 200W , 500W and 1000W . For each purchased device, you will additionally receive up to five years of warranty and a free Weni Carepolicy. insuring the equipment against random accidents such as fire, flooding or electric short circuit.


We invite you to a presentation of the device's operation in our showroom!

Only with us the possibility of observing the work of the laser live.

Call us or Write today and ask for details.


Check out more information and effects of work -> CLM

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