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1530bm w8 2
  • 1530bm w8 2
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WS2030B Reci W6 CO2 Laser DEMO

AVAILABLE AT HAND - for cutting and engraving non-metallic materials

The WS-B BASIC is an open, powerful and precise CO2 laser model. It is available in dimensions: 2000x3000mm. The price also includes an additional "honeycomb" overlay and an exhaust extraction system. RECI laser tubes used in this series are characterized by high durability and precision. Their real service life is about 10,000 hours of operation.

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Machinable materials

Net price:
100,000.00 zł
The presented price offer is informative. It does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code, but only an introduction to negotiations.

Standard equipment

Open table: knife with an additional honeycomb overlay
Professional CW cooling system
Glass Co2 tube - RECI, 10.6μm
Efficient Fan
Linear guides THK PMI Hiwin Inne
Red Cross or Red Dot laser marker
Quartz lenses
Ruid's controller
Leadshine - High Precision stepper motors
Instruction PL / EN
Warranty up to 5 years

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Product description

Model 2030B BASIC available now in our showroom -. used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials In stock: The laser model in the finished configuration in our stock is characterized by an open case in 2000x3000 mm size, RECI tube with W6 PIK: 130-160W (130W nominal/split power). It is ideal for cutting large sheets, such as: plywood, plexiglass, MDF. A set of new mirrors and lenses free of charge for this device.In this configuration, the laser is equipped with a lifting knife-type through table, with an additional honeycomb overlay, heads for metal and non-metal materials, hybrid servo drives, Wi-Fi controller, laser marker type "Red Cross" or "Red Dot", stepper motors, and a professional cooling system.
All Weni Co2 lasers have; stainless connecting elements, high-quality branded components, a stable structure free of stresses arising during the production process, and thanks to the use of a Wi-Fi controller, many lasers are controlled using one computer. The operation of Weni Co2 lasers is simple and intuitive, based on professional RDWorks software and reliable Ruida controllers.
*The data on the website is illustrative and may vary in configuration, configuration, configuration and extension of models as well as individual customer requirements. Additional information is available after contacting us.

Brand components

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RECI laser tubes are characterized by high durability and precision. Their real service life is: approx. 10,000 working hours. RECI tube means better beam quality, higher cutting efficiency, better quality of workmanship.

The laser Co2 RECI tube is available in various power options:

  • W1 - max power approx: ~ 80W | length 1050mm | ? 80mm
  • W2 - max power approx: ~ 100W | length 1200mm | ? 80mm
  • W4 - max power approx: ~ 130W | length 1400mm | ? 80mm
  • W6 - max power approx: ~ 150W | length 1650mm | ? 80mm
  • W8 - max power approx: ~ 180W | length 1800mm | ? 80m

Emitted Wavelength: 10'600 nm
Cooling method: Water
High voltage excitation method: DC
Resonator Type: Glass DC

Ruid's controller - Weni Co2 lasers are based on proven Ruida components, which are a precursor in Co2 laser control solutions. The Ruida controller is the main component controlling the operation of the entire device. It ensures stable operation and a wide configuration range of Weni lasers through the possibility of adding in the option:

  • Rotary attachment (spindle)
  • Autofocus function
  • CCD system for contour cutting
  • Wi-Fi communication and others

In the basic scope, the controller allows you to operate the laser without the use of software, where a given project can be imported directly from a FLASH / USB disk.

Precise motors and LEADSHINE drivers ensure precision of movement and high repeatability. It is a very important element of each device in the production process. The use of a DC motor and permanent magnets in the construction allows for continuous and stable operation. Thanks to this design, these motors are used in industry in the construction of small mechanical devices and robots, where durability and reliability play a significant role.

PMI / HIWIN / THK rail guides ensure high positioning accuracy, high repeatability and durability. They ensure smooth movement of the trolley thanks to the use of rolling elements - balls or rollers. The difference between static and dynamic rolling friction is very small, so that the starting force is only slightly greater than the force supporting the movement. Thanks to this type of solution, stick-slip effects do not occur in Weni brand lasers.

The main advantages of linear guides are : high stiffness, accuracy, extreme precision of movement, compactness, easy assembly and operation.

Omron Electronic Components are electrical components such as sensors, relays, coils and other fundamental elements of an electrical installation. Thanks to the technology and knowledge that allows us to build components for most devices on the market, Omron components are able to provide a guarantee and quality at the highest level.

Professional refrigerator CW 3000-5200 is designed to cool the laser tube in Co2 Weni lasers, using distilled water in a closed circuit. The main task of the device is to lower the water temperature to the value appropriate for the machine.

It has a display and a controller to monitor the cooling process. By triggering the alarm and stopping the machine operation process, the cooler protects the laser from damage. It allows for full optimization of the machining process, maintains the correct operating temperature of the laser tube and makes the cutting or engraving uniform throughout the entire use process. A properly selected cooler extends the life and efficiency of the CO2 tube and the entire laser device.

WI-FI controller provides a wireless and stable connection with Weni Solution lasers. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection function, controlling multiple lasers can
can be performed using one computer, which makes the operation more convenient than ever before.

Stainless connecting elements they are present in all Weni Solution lasers. which contributes to keeping the device clean and its correct operation. The basic properties of stainless steels used for the production of connecting elements (i.e. bolts, nuts, washers, etc.) include:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Incandescence
  • Ease of processing
  • Low weight for its strength properties

Two work tables: The knife and honeycomb are included in the standard equipment of Weni Co2 lasers. The knife table is used to cut large, rigid elements, while the honeycomb is ideal for processing small, flexible or materials that must remain on the table in a specific position after cutting.

The most important features:

  • Low weight, High rigidity, Stable structure
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Environmental protection and resource saving
  • Excellent performance in sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance and shock resistance
550W fan - A specialized, efficient fan for Co2 lasers ensures the correct extraction of fumes and dust generated during material processing. A modern fan provides sufficient power with a capacity of 15m 3 / min and the mounting brackets allow you to mount the device anywhere.
Lenses and mirrors are made with high precision. They are characterized by durability and increased
mechanical resistance thanks to an additional surface protecting coating.

  • Absorption? 0.2%
  • Increased durability
  • 20% longer service life compared to competing companies
  • Highest focus stability

RDWorks software for Co2 lasers Weni is an advanced and intuitive solution that allows you to easily create even the most complex projects. The program works directly with the laser, so the transition from design to machine operation is very quick.

RDWorks together with the PL instruction, it is attached to each Weni laser. The software has a lifetime license and can be used interchangeably on many workplaces.

Technical specifications

Models available:
The power of the laser tube
W6 130-160W
Working field
2000 x 3000mm
Addressed resolution
X / Y axis positioning accuracy
< 0.05mm
X / Y axis repeatability
≤ + 0.03mm
X / Y axis max speed
70000mm / min
Engraving speed
45000mm / min
Cutting speed
40000mm / min
Z axis max speed
375mm / sec
Max acceleration
Work table type
knife and honeycomb / open /
Maximum load on the platform
Workbench lighting
Minimum character size (engraver)
1mm x 1mm
"Red Cross" or "Red Dot" laser marker
Head type
Non Metal
Type of lens
quartz Φ 25mm
Type of source
Co2 glass tube - RECI, 10.6μm
Leadshine - High Precision stepper motors
Drive protection
proximity sensors - double for each axis
Drive transmission
drive belt
THK / HIWIN / PMI / Others
Electrical installation
Connecting elements
stainless steel
Head drive
screw drive
Operating system
Windows XP or later
Ethernet TCP / IP / WiFi / USB
Compatible software
Supported file formats
.ai .dxf .plt .dst .dsb .eps .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg .png .mng .ico .cur .tif .tiff .tga .pcx .wbmp .wmf .emf .jbg .j2c .jpc .pgx .ras.pnm. pgm .ppm .ska .raw
Creating a matrix
CCD camera / contour cutting
* optional - shape detection or markers
Laser power control
0 - 100% software controlled
Maximum gas pressure in the installation
1000 kPa (10 bar)
Gateway type
Rotary table / spindle
YES - exhaust extractor
chiller CW3000 / CW5000 / CW 5200
Control panel
Max energy consumption
~ 2.4kW
Working temperature range
10-45 ° C.
Laser class
ISO9001, CE
1-phase / 230V 50Hz voltage fluctuation> 10%
Dimensions (length * width * height)
3166 * 1990 * 1198mm
3685 * 2240 * 1224mm
3866 * 2477 * 1224mm
Total mass

Cutting table

Cutting speed table

Material Thickness W2 W4 W6 W8
Acrylic 3mm 35mm/sec. 47mm/sec. 62mm/sec. 68mm/sec.
5mm 25mm/sec. 31mm/sec. 36mm/sec. 40mm/sec.
8mm 15mm/s 19mm/s 25mm/sec. 34mm/sec.
10mm 9mm/s 15mm/s 21mm/sec. 29mm/sec.
15mm 8mm/s 12mm/s 17mm/sec. 19mm/s
20mm 1.5mm/s 2.4mm/s 5mm/s 9mm/s
30mm - - 1.5mm/s 3mm/s
MDF 3mm 23mm/sec. 25mm/sec. 30mm/sec. 33mm/sec.
5mm 15mm/s 18mm/sec. 21mm/sec. 25mm/sec.
10mm 7mm/s 9mm/s 12mm/s 14mm/sec.
15mm 3mm/s 5mm/s 7mm/s 10mm/s
20mm 1mm/s 1.5mm/s 2mm/s 3mm/s
Leather single layer 30mm/sec. 40mm/sec. 50mm/sec. 60mm/sec.
Wood 3mm 25mm/sec. 30mm/sec. 35mm/sec. 40mm/sec.
5mm 20mm/sec. 25mm/sec. 30mm/sec. 35mm/sec.
10mm 12mm/s 15mm/s 20mm/sec. 25mm/sec.
15mm 8mm/s 11mm/s 15mm/s 18mm/sec.
20mm 1mm/s 2mm/s 2.5mm/s 3mm/s
Textiles single layer 200mm/sec. 300mm/sec. 400mm/sec. 500mm/s
Double-layer board 2mm 40mm/sec. 45mm/sec. 55mm/sec. 65mm/sec.
Paper single layer 200mm/sec. 200mm/sec. 200mm/sec. 200mm/sec.
Gum 4mm 35mm/sec. 40mm/sec. 45mm/sec. 50mm/sec.
Material Engraver Cutting
Glass YES NO
Ceramics YES NO
Marble YES NO
Matte board YES YES
Wood Veneer YES YES
Fiberglass YES YES
Corian YES YES
Melamine YES YES
Cardboard YES YES
Plexiglas YES YES

Technical image


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