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Fiber laser - the basic model for cutting sheets with a spindle for pipes and profiles

The WS-GM BASIC model consists of fiber lasers with a spindle (adapter) enabling cutting pipes and profiles with a length of 3000 or 6000 mm. The power of the laser generator from 1kW Raycus / IPG. All BASIC series have a welded frame and an autofocus head.

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Machinable materials

Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Other Metal Alloys

Approximate net calculation:

100,000.00 zł
The presented price offer is informative. It does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code, but only an introduction to negotiations.
Prices vary depending on the option selected. Customize the device according to your needs:
An update of this model is underway. Contact us to get a price.

Standard equipment

Pneumatic spindle clamp
BASIC computer
Exhaust gas extraction
Basic limit sensors + software protection
Basic ball rollers for loading aid
CypCut and CypTube software
Raytools head with autofocus
Nesting function
Schneider servo drives
Airtac pneumatics
PM head screw drive
Omron electrical installation
THK / HIWIN guides
Dual Cool System cooling
Welded construction
Warranty up to 5 years
Weni Care insurance
Instruction PL / EN

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Product description

The WS-GM Basic model is aimed at customers with medium-volume production who also want to cut pipes and profiles up to 3 or 6m in length. Raycus and IPG laser generators from 1000W are available for this model. These models are characterized by an open work table, available in as many as six sizes: 2500x1300mm, 3000x1500mm, 4000x1500mm, 4000x2000mm, 6000x1500mm, 6000x2000mm. All axes are driven by the brand's servo motors Schneider which are characterized by high accuracy and durability. The device has an efficient laser function Autofocus, stable software CypCut with function NESTING(automatic optimization of project placement on the material), dual cooling system, lubrication system and dust extraction system. Due to the use of structures with significant reduction of vibrations, the WS-GM Basic models are characterized by high rigidity, stability and resistance to shocks, and the processed materials retain the set parameters. Pneumatic clamp Facilitates center positioning / adjustment of pipe or profile clamp for further processing. It covers the profile in two directions and automatically implements profile alignment. The use of this modern option as standard devices saves time, as there is no need for manual clamping. BASIC series devices also include as standard:
  • computer in a configuration that ensures the functionality of the device,
  • two gas lines (the first electronically controlled, the second manually - optionally, you can also choose automatic control of this line),
  • exhaust extraction,
  • basic limit sensors and software protection,
  • basic ball rollers for supporting plate loading.
For the sake of peace and safety of our customers, we provide a free Weni Care policy (with the possibility of extending to Weni Care +) for each fiber laser purchased, care according to the Weni Smart Care program and a whole range of financing options and professional advice. Find out more in the tab: Financing
* The data on the website is illustrative and may vary depending on the configuration, version and update of manufactured models as well as individual customer requirements. Detailed information is available after contacting us.

Additional functions of fiber lasers:


Free your hands!

The automatic head height adjustment function is an advanced system designed for the convenience of the operator. Thanks to the use of a capacitive sensor, the head adjusts the distance from the material in real time. Autofocus allows you to set the focal point suited to the cutting process in the blink of an eye, while maintaining maximum precision. Shorter setup time means faster production and lower labor costs for the operator.


Cut at lightning speed!

This is a through-cutting method that allows you to burn even small cuts at speeds up to 70m / min! It is an incomparably faster technique, which, if used properly, will save time, costs and allow for automation. Flycut allows for perforation of sheet metal, it is best suited for the processing of thin materials. Facilitates the production of, for example, ventilation openings in enclosures.


Cutting in eco mode!

The biggest influence on the price of laser cutting services is the auxiliary gases used. Cutting with compressed air, consisting mostly of oxygen and nitrogen, is an ideal alternative to more expensive gases. It is much cheaper to obtain and can reduce cutting costs by up to 6 times. In addition, it enables higher process throughput and faster cutting speeds. We offer a screw compressor, tailored specifically for this method. The compressor and other components can be selected in the product configurator as an additional option.

Double savings

The purchase of the device is only the beginning of our common path. Our service team will install it and train operators to use it free of charge! These are full-fledged and comprehensive services that are additionally payable by the competition.
More in the service tab

Installation at the customer's site

After safe delivery and unloading of the fiber optic cutter, our service technicians will install and commission the purchased device free of charge.

Operator training

Our specialists have been sharing their valuable experience and training operators for many years. This allows you to safely use the purchased cutters, maintain the warranty and take full advantage of the lasers' capabilities.

Free assistance from the professional Weni Solution

We are here for you! After purchasing the device, we offer free consultations with our service technicians without any limitations. We are happy to help you remotely / by phone, among others in terms of operating the device, reworking the design, selecting parameters or consumable parts.

Device configuration

Model & workfield sizes

The choice of the model depends on the client's expectations, planned production, prepared budget and many other factors. The models differ in the purpose, size and type of the work table, the possibility of cutting profiles, parameters, etc.

In the case of low-volume productions, small elements and only for the company's production needs, it is best to choose the table size for the most commonly cut sheets, usually these are smaller sizes. In a situation where the manufacturing company accepts orders from the outside, it is recommended to choose a larger table, in the case of a project to cut a large element from one sheet.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Select the power and type of laser generator

Regardless of the choice of IPG / Raycus, our technicians recommend choosing a source with a power reserve (20-30%). The higher power of the laser generator proportionally improves the quality and economy of work.

What exactly do we get thanks to the higher power of the laser source?
Choosing an appropriately strong generator causes that:
- cutting is faster,
-we can cut thicker material,
-the entire cutting process uses less gas,
- edge quality is improved,
- the emission of gases and dust is reduced.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Electronic pressure control on the second gas line

It is especially recommended because increases the precision of control gas pressure and much reduces service time.
Electronic control of the first (oxygen) line is offered as standard with our fiber devices.

Each fiber device of our brand has two gas lines as standard: the first electronically controlled, the second manually controlled (with the possibility of changing to automatic).
Cutting small parts or holes without automatic control wastes large amounts of steel and gas, and also makes it difficult to maintain edge quality.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Voltage stabilizer

We recommend this option to everyone working with laser technology.
Apply a voltage stabilizer quickly it even eliminates long-term voltage drops thanks to the servos used.
In order for the cutting process to maintain quality, the laser cutter needs a stable mains voltage.

Large devices operating in the same network generate momentary voltage drops that may disrupt the operation of the laser.
Voltage drops can turn off the laser beam and waste material, and in extreme cases, damage the device.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

CypNest Software

CypNest is special software that works with the CypCut system used on Weni equipment. It is used for advanced Nesting - the placement of cutting elements across the board sheet. Allows you to automate and shorten the planning process. Prevents a lot of material waste.

Unlike the basic version in CypCut 🛈 , which is added on a base basis to the purchased laser, CypNest is an additional paid option and has definitely more advanced features. There is no limit to the number of sheets and cut parts. Deployment is much faster and perfectly optimized.

Among other things, it enables intelligent modification of designs, fast positioning with manual editing, selection of the optimal laser head path. In addition, it allows the generation of detailed reports and analysis. This is a great solution for streamlining production!

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Tubes T Software

TubesT is a professional software for designing spherical parts like tubes and profiles dedicated to the TubePro 🛈 laser cutting system used in our equipment. It allows, among other things. on: drawing and modifying parts, as well as advanced, optimized Nesting and generating full process reports - everything you need to work with a pipe laser. As standard, a free lite version of TubesT, which has limited functionality, is added to the base Weni devices. The full (perpetual) version can be selected as an additional paid option.

The main distinguishing features of the program:

  • Creating Automatic Nesting and Arrays,
  • Combining different shapes with cutting optimization,
  • Quick import of projects in IGS (Autocad, Solidworks, etc.)
  • Conveniently draw and adjust edges,
  • Smart sorting by shape,
  • Full, detailed process report.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Air cutting system

Compressed air for the future?
Nitrogen is used as the shielding gas to cut stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Since cutting requires high pressure, the gas consumption is also high. This results in high costs and some jobs being rejected as unprofitable. The solution is to use compressed air instead of nitrogen. Our efficient screw compressor (pressure 1.5MPa) makes it possible. Additionally, it is equipped with an air purification system, co provides protection of the optics of the laser head and cutting stability.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Exhaust gas filtration and extraction system

It is indispensable for production halls located close to housing estates.

Vapors and dust generated during the operation of a laser or plasma cutter are harmful to people and the environment. All our cutters are equipped with a basic exhaust extraction system. Its job is to extract the fumes from the working area and discharge them outside the building.

On the other hand, the additional exhaust gas filtration and extraction system cleans the air through special filters, eliminating harmful substances.

In addition, energy savings are a huge advantage. Production halls require large outlays for heating. While the standard exhaust extractor can cool any hall in a short time, the filtration system returns warm and clean air back to the room.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Wireless security barrier

Ensure employee safetyespecially in rooms where many machines and people work simultaneously. After crossing the safety barrier, the laser stops working, preventing an accident during work.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Spindle length (accessories for cutting pipes and profiles)

The length of the spindle depends on the planned production and dimensions of the most frequently cut profiles and pipes. If you want to execute orders, we suggest choosing a longer 6000 cm spindle, which will be more universal. It is possible to buy a spindle of a different length (3 / 6m) at a later time.

To cut high-reflectivity materials such as copper, brass, gold, and silver, we recommend choosing an IPG laser generator. In the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of generator failure/damage.

Choose an option:

Branded components

Click the tab to learn more about the component:


Raytools head

They are produced in Switzerland. The laser heads "RAYTOOLS AG" of the BM series are designed mainly for industrial applications. Designed for medium and high power fiber lasers. In our devices, we most often use the BM 109 1.5KW and BM111 3.3KW models.

A specialized dustproof housing prevents contamination of the collimating lens, which significantly increases its service life, and thus translates into the precision and efficiency of the laser beam. Optimization of the optical design and the water-cooled design enable stable and reliable operation of the laser heads in high-power devices.

The double safety design greatly increases the simplicity of the user when replacing the optics of the laser head, and the risk of contamination of the lens is almost zero. In addition, these heads are equipped with automatic focusing, which significantly improves the operation of the device.

Main features:

Positioning range up to 20mm
Compact, modular design
Highly efficient water cooling system
The ability to cut steel, non-ferrous metals and other highly reflective materials without fear of damaging the head
Various options for protective and focusing lenses


IGUS wiring

As an expert in energy chain systems, igus® has been supplying all components from a single source since 1964 - including cables. The technology and solutions developed and improved over the years by the German company igus® are unrivaled.

Contrary to the frequently offered spliceable cable options, igus® manufactures chainflex® cables based on the bundled principle. Motionplastic® technology is used in most professional devices on the market - we offer it as standard and use it in each of our devices.

Furthermore, igus® cables are covered by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty and are included in the price - with no hidden costs

What distinguishes chainflex® technologies:

strength and the greatest possible resistance to bending and breaking
elimination of the "corkscrew" effect
reduced installation space and a larger bend radius
adaptation to industrial machines - long life ensures continuity of work


Schneider Electric® servo drives

The Schneider Electric range of Lexium servo drives includes AC LXM servo drives for use with BCH2 servo motors.

They are characterized mainly by:

• Reduced startup time
• Increasing profitability
• Improving efficiency

The latest generation of MachineStruxureTM from Schneider Electric is an intuitive machine automation solution with all the features you need to improve your productivity and your bottom line.

MachineStruxure is a complete solution for machine builders with benefits throughout the machine life cycle.


Nesting function

The nesting technology (Nested Based Manufacturing or NBM) significantly shortens and improves the production process, especially in the case of curved cuts.

Thanks to the possibility of positioning whole sheets of plates, it allows for better use of the raw material, i.e. reducing the amount of waste generated. Nesting enables optimal use of the material, and the cutting simulation function will allow for appropriate production planning / Production planning: Before the actual machining, the simulation function will determine the time needed to complete the task.


IPG® laser generators

IPG Photonics is a leading manufacturer of laser generators in the world. Many years of experience guarantee the highest quality and the best parameters of the laser beam.

An extensive distribution network and service facilities guarantee excellent technical support for their products. Warranty and post-warranty repairs are carried out by the laboratory in our factory.

YLR series laser generators available in versions from 500W to 2000W and YLS series from 2000W - 12000W.


Raycus® laser generators

Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co., Ltd. is a leader in the production of laser generators in the Asian market. Wuhan Raycus has an international team of specialists conducting development research, which allows the improvement and expansion of laser generators.

A great advantage of the company is the service and technical support department, and all repairs of devices take place directly at the customer's premises.

Raycus RFL series laser generators available from 500W to 12000W.


CypCut software

CypCut laser cutting control system is a system software set designed for flat laser cutting, including laser cutting, common system functions and laser processing control, most of its functions are used in graphics processing, parameter settings, custom editing of the cutting process, simulation and control of the cutting process.

The CypCut software delivered with the device enables:

  • creating and saving technological parameters for tasks
  • performing cutting in automatic mode
  • optimization of element offsets
  • preventing the head from passing over the cut places
  • checking the quantity of parts, details and scrap
  • automatic insertion of bridges supporting a detail in the sheet
  • auto nesting - an autonomous mode of placing details by filling the sheet
  • saving and editing drawings in * .lxd, * .dxf, as well as other formats based on the control system. It is possible to synchronize the network with a personal computer and download information from any medium.


TubePro Software

The TubePro laser cutting control system is a system software suite designed for spherical laser cutting. Includes laser cutting, common layout function and laser processing control. Most of its functions are cutting parameter settings, custom editing, simulation and control of the cutting process.

The TubePro software provided with the device enables:

  • Creating and saving technological parameters for tasks,
  • performing cutting in automatic mode,
  • Optimizing component offsets,
  • Preventing the head from passing over the cutouts,
  • Checking the number of parts, details and waste,
  • inserting automatic bridges to support the detail in the sheet,
  • auto Nesting - autonomous mode of arranging details by filling the sheet.


High voltage stabilizer

In other words, a three-phase voltage regulator (AC) - it was designed to protect and ensure high-quality power supply to Weni Solution laser devices.

The basis for the correct operation of each laser is equal and constant voltage without interference. This significantly improves the quality of the cut and the efficiency of the laser generator.


AirTec® pneumatics

AirTec is a producer of power pneumatics components included in pneumatic systems, such as air preparation units, lines, connectors, distribution valves and actuators, i.e. actuators, linear and rotary drives and manipulators.


PMI / HIWIN / THK linear guides

Rail guides in our lasers are provided by three top manufacturers: PMI Linear Motion, HIWIN® and THK Global. They ensure high positioning accuracy, high repeatability and durability.

Linear guides ensure smooth movement of the trolley thanks to the use of rolling elements - balls or rollers. The difference between static and dynamic rolling friction is very small, so that the starting force is only slightly greater than the force supporting the movement. Therefore, stick-slip effects in Weni brand lasers do not occur.


Omron® electronic components

Omron Corporation is a world leader in automation. Provides a variety of products and services in the field of industrial automation and electronic components.

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron is headquartered in Kyoto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Chicago and employs more than 37,000 people in 36 countries.


S & A® chiller

The advanced cooling unit CW-6200 is a device designed to ensure the optimal operating temperature of both the generator and the laser head. Advanced automatics used in our units allow precise control of the coolant temperature.

The built-in alarm system informs the user about exceeding the permissible operating temperatures and about disturbances in the cooling liquid flow.

Technical parameters

Models available:
Weni Solution
Weni Solution
Platform working area
Spindle working length x
pipe Φ20 - Φ200mm closed profile 20 * 20 - 140 * 140mm open profile - option
pipe Φ20 - Φ200mm closed profile 20 * 20 - 140 * 140mm open profile - option
Y spindle working length
3000m or 6000m
3000m or 6000m
X axis range
Y axis range
Z axis range
Addressed resolution
X / Y axis positioning accuracy
0.03mm / 1000mm
0.03mm / 1000mm
X / Y axis repeatability
0.02mm / 1000mm
0.02mm / 1000mm
X / Y axis max speed
80m / min
80m / min
Z axis max speed
375mm / sec
375mm / sec
Max spindle speed
Max acceleration
Maximum load on the platform
Maximum spindle load
Lockable housing
option / class IP54
option / class IP54
Head type
Type of source
Raycus / IPG
Raycus / IPG
Servo drives
Drive transmission
WMH Herion
WMH Herion
Electrical installation
Head screw drive
Operating system
Windows 7 or later
Windows 7 or later
Ethernet TCP / IP
Ethernet TCP / IP
LCD 17 ″ or larger
LCD 17 ″ or larger
Nesting function
Gear lubrication system
Maximum gas pressure in the installation
3000 kPa (30 bar)
3000 kPa (30 bar)
Gateway type
Voltage stabilizer
YES (extra paid option)
YES (extra paid option)
Dual Cool System / 13L / min
Dual Cool System / 13L / min
Handheld controller
YES / Wi Fi - wireless
YES / Wi Fi - wireless
Laser power
Raycus / IPG: 1000W - 4000W
Raycus / IPG: 1000W - 4000W
Max. energy consumption
Raycus: 1000W-19.18 / 1500W-21.28 / 2000W-23.38 / 3000W-27.58 / 4000W-33.18
IPG: 1000W-18.48 / 1500W-20.58 / 2000W-22.68 / 3000W-26.88 / 4000W-32.48
Working temperature range
10-45 ° C
10-45 ° C
Laser class
ISO9001, CE
ISO9001, CE
3-phase / 400V 50Hz
voltage fluctuation> 10%
3-phase / 400V 50Hz voltage fluctuation> 5%
Dimensions (length * width * height)
platform 4450x2440x2100 [mm] 3m spindle / 5200x3200x2100mm [mm]
platform 5460 * 2445 * 2100[mm] 3m spindle / 5460 * 3390 * 2100 [mm]
Total mass

Cutting table




„Parameters for the selected option will be added soon”

„The given parameters are illustrative and constitute an example of the selection of power to the thickness of the materials. They may differ from the actual parameters due to the processed material”

Note: For cutting highly reflective materials such as copper, brass, gold and silver, we recommend choosing the IPG laser generator (in the case of MAX PHOTONICS and RAYCUS, there is a high risk of failure/damage to the above-mentioned generators).

Cutting speed table

Technical image

Select a workspace

3015 T3
3015 T6
4020 T3
4020 T6
6015 T6
6020 T6


Weni Smart Care program

Free care and support-


Weni Solution, our specialist financial and insurance department, helps our clients in a way that is noticeable to them. We offer free help and assistance in obtaining a convenient leasing or financing for the purchase of our equipment. We are a verified partner of most financial institutions.

Participation in the Weni SMART Care program, in other words, our specialist's care program pays off! Thanks to it, you can arrange the financing of your purchase quickly and easily, and above all for free.

You don't take any chances with us


Laser insurance against overvoltage, flooding, fire?

Now it's the "Weni Care" standard! Our clients receive a insurance policy for 12 months free of charge when purchasing all fiber cutters and cleaning lasers. In practice, however, for a small fee, you can buy a policy for each of our devices from the offer. Do you need more? Choose the PREMIUM "Weni Care +" solution

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Languages available:

Accessories and Parts

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Approximate Net Calculation300.000PLN
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