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Weni Solution - Spawarka 3W1 DORSpawarka laserowa 3w1 Urzadzenie Combo WS-CWM
  • Weni Solution - Spawarka 3W1 DOR
  • Spawarka laserowa 3w1 Urzadzenie Combo WS-CWM
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WS-CWM 5-in-1 2000W Welder

AVAILABLE ON HAND - automatic wire feeder

The WS-CWM laser welder is a 5-in-1 device that combines the function of precision welding with the ability to clean welds, cut, spot weld and clean.

Spot welding - allows to obtain extremely durable joints, characterized by high mechanical and structural strength. Thanks to a properly conducted welding process, the connected components guarantee stability even under operating conditions.

Weld cleaning - with proper cleaning of the weld, it is possible to achieve high-quality joints that meet the highest standards required in many fields of industry and manufacturing. This function includes removing contaminants and excess material from the weld area for optimal weld quality.

Fast and easy welding of even thin materials - Weni Solution laser welders are all about easy creation of professional welds, low cost of operating the device, and the ability to join together materials with different properties, such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Laser cleaning - by making maximum use of the laser generator's capabilities, you can switch the device to cleaning mode and effectively remove contaminants from the material before welding or from a freshly made weld. Laser ablation is the most environmentally friendly solution that quickly and without the use of chemicals removes dirt such as rust, paint, oil and others.

Cutting metal (fiber torch function) - properly adjusted mode changes the parameters of the beam and allows you to cut material up to 4 mm thick.

The device is available in a 2000W power variant.


Now FREE bundled with the device:

  • A €150 voucher for consumable parts and accessories to be used at the Weni Store,

For more details on the gratis package, please contact our sales department.


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Machinable materials

stainless steel
carbon steel
Galvanized steel
Acid-resistant steel
Net price:
100,000.00 zł
The presented price offer is informative. It does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 of the Civil Code, but only an introduction to negotiations.

Standard equipment

Automatic wire feeder
Bluetooth control application
Schneider Electrical
Safety Glasses
Set of interchangeable nozzles
Warranty up to 5 years
Lightweight handy DMK FWH20-S10C head.
CWFL-2000 cooler

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Product description

WS-CWM model now available in our showroom - with automatic wire feeder

In stock: A 5-in-1 device with a 2000W Maxphotonics source and automatic wire feeder.

The WS-CWM 5-in-1 laser device brings you even more possibilities! By fully exploiting the potential of the laser generator, it is possible to clean wel ds, weld precisely, spot weld,clean precisely and cut thinner materials (as with a fiber laser). The compact and lightweight design houses a powerful CWFL 2000 cooler, which is responsible for stable operation and trouble-free performance of the bundle. The model is equipped with brand-name electronics from Schneider and Omron and a laser generator from proven manufacturer Max Photonics. In addition, the corresponding controllers allow quick change between welding, cleaning and cutting modes. The ergonomic laser head is lightweight and comfortable to use, making it much easier for operators. The laser welding machine with cleaning and cutting function is designed for processing thin metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum or galvanized steel, among others (max. 4-5 mm)

Laser welding - joining materials has never been so easy!

The device is designed to make its operation as simple as possible for users. The ability to weld with a handy head that operates in 360 degrees is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of this model. The WS-CWM welder can perfectly cope with the production of parts made of thin metal sheets. In addition, laser technology allows you to join different materials together, which is virtually impossible with traditional welding methods. An automatic wire feeder is also an integral part of the machine . This supports the operator's work - it helps guide the movement that creates the weld. The feeder has adjustable parameters, such as the delay time (delay), for example. It also has many other functions, including: Rollback (reversing the wire and winding it on the spool), or Push-Pull (feeding the wire properly and pushing back the welder's hand). Also included is a set of nozzles that can be quickly replaced and thus give a different shape to the weld and reach hard-to-reach areas such as curves or angles. The device does not require the use of electrodes, and thanks to the small laser beam, it is possible to weld with minimal spacing. By controlling the laser power, beam width, frequency and other parameters, the workpiece is melted, creating an ideal quality weld, as confirmed by tests.

Many functions in one device!

The five functions in one WS-CWM not only save time, but above all are attractively priced, especially considering the large production capacity and wide range of applications of this model. It is a comprehensive solution that will streamline the work of any production facility, as it combines the functions of a welding machine, cleaning laser and fiber optic cutter.

Advantages of Weni Solution WS-CWM laser welding machine

- High quality, repeatability and strength of welds that do not require further processing,

- Easier to create aesthetically pleasing, long joints in one motion,

- Low operating costs and maintenance of the device,

- Intuitive operation and high process cleanliness,

- High welding speed While maintaining quality,

- The ability to Work in longer intervals,

- Relatively Low power consumption,

- Handy head Allows 360-degree maneuverability,

- Ability to clean and cut workpiece materials,

It comes with an automatic wire feeder and a set of nozzles.

Comparison of laser and traditional welding:

Welding type Laser welding Argon arc welding
Welding method Spot or continuous welding Spot welding
Possible materials Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheets, aluminum, etc. Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheets
Minimum thickness 0.5-4 1-12mm
Material deformation Small Large
Welding speed 0-8m/min 0-1m/min
Post-weld processing Minimum / none Required
Service level Easy Difficult
Safety and environmental protection Relatively safe and environmentally friendly Not
Cost of service General worker (can be hired after simple training) Professional welder
Consumable parts Lens, nozzles Electrodes, Porcelain nozzles
Gas Argon/Azot Argon
*The data on the website is illustrative and may vary in configuration, configuration, configuration and extension of models as well as individual customer requirements. Additional information is available after contacting us.

Brand components

Click the tab to learn more about the component:

Lightweight and handy DMK FWH20-S10C head.

The head installed in the WS-CWM series laser welder is part of an advanced water-cooled kit. This head is distinguished by the fact that, thanks to an interchangeable sleeve, the tip can be swapped with a nozzle for cleaning or welding. Thanks to the pull-out drawer, adjusting the right lens for the selected mode is much easier. The head also has a handle for connecting wire from an automatic feeder.

Several different types of laser welder nozzles are available, which affect the precision and better access to the gap between materials and help achieve the right shape of the weld. Replacing the nozzle is simple, fast and intuitive.

It is necessary to choose the right nozzle shape for a particular type of weld, such as external or internal, and for the thickness of the material to be welded. Moreover, by using a special cutting tip, the device can be used for straight cutting. The fiber optic cable to the head is 10 m long.

Automatic wire feeder

Weni Solution feeders are designed to combine easy operation and control of the machine along with excellent wire feeding. The use of a feeder is useful especially with thicker materials, as the wire fills the gap between the materials to be joined. The width of the wire handled is within the range: 0.8 mm - 1.6 mm. The roll that can be used should be max. 5-7 kg in weight. The feeder also has casters for greater mobility.

The feeder has features such as:

- Push-Pull functions, which feeds the wire and guides the welder's hand at the same time
- Possibility of manual wire tensioning (useful when putting on a new roll)
- Rollback function (reversing the wire and winding it on the spool)
- Other functions, such as wire feed speed and Delay time

Bluetooth® control application

An undoubted improvement for the operator is the introduction of an application in the device, which is used to change parameters in real time, without the need to approach the control panel. Special customization of RUIDA® controllers by Bluetooth® communication allowed us to design an application(Android/iOS) that is intuitive and speeds up the welder's working time significantly. In the application you will find a function for changing parameters such as frequency, but also a library of previously saved parameters.

Technical specifications

Models available:
Welding head
Type of source
Max Photonics 2kW
Laser wavelength
Optical fiber length
Diameter of the fiber core
Welding speed
Working temperature range
Recommended welding thickness
up to 5mm
Built-in CWFL2000 cooler
Dimensions (length * width * height)
Use of welding gas
Nitrogen/Argon/Air - 0.01m³/H
400V 50/60HZ
Consumable parts
Nozzles, lenses
Total power
Feed wire material
C.S/ S.S - depending on the machinable material

Cutting table

Cutting speed table

Technical image


Weni Smart Care program

Free care and support-


Weni Solution, our specialist financial and insurance department, helps our clients in a way that is noticeable to them. We offer free help and assistance in obtaining a convenient leasing or financing for the purchase of our equipment. We are a verified partner of most financial institutions.

Participation in the Weni SMART Care program, in other words, our specialist's care program pays off! Thanks to it, you can arrange the financing of your purchase quickly and easily, and above all for free.
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Weni Care and Weni Care + Policy

Laser insurance against overvoltage, flooding, fire?

Now it's the "Weni Care" standard! Our clients receive a free insurance policy for 12 months free of charge when purchasing all fiber cutters and cleaning lasers. In practice, however, for a small fee, you can buy a policy for each of our devices from the offer. Do you need more? Choose the PREMIUM "Weni Care +" solution

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