Linear guides, like any rolling bearing, need a sufficient supply of lubricants .In principle, it is possible to lubricate both with grease and oil. Lubricants reduce wear, protect against dirt, prevent corrosion and extend the service life thanks to their properties. Dirt can accumulate and settle on unprotected profile rails.

For grease lubrication we recommend greases according to DIN 51825:

  • For optimal loads : K2K
  • For higher loads (C/P < 15) – KP2K with consistency class NGLI 2 according to DIN 51818

The frequency of re-lubrication depends mainly on the loads and environmental conditions. Environmental influences as well as high loads, vibrations and contamination make lubrication intervals shorten. In clean environments and under low loads, the lubrication intervals can be extended. Lubrication should be carried out after a mileage of approx. 100 km.

It is recommended to use the following lubricants for linear guides in Co2 and Fiber lasers:

  • Microlube GB0, (KP 0 N-20), Staburags NBU8EP, Isofl ex Spezial, Fa. KLÜBER
  • Optimol Longtime PD0, PD1 lub PD2 depending on the application temperature, Fa. OPTIMOL
  • Paragon EP1, (KP 1 N-30), Fa. DEA
  • Multifak EP1, Fa. TEXACO

Before each lubrication it is necessary to thoroughly clean the linear guides from residues of the old Lubricant and impurities.
For cleaning we use :

  • Extraction thinner
  • Brake cleaner
  • Dissolvent R505
  • other products for removing greases and oils (they can be BIO-degradable)

Lack of proper maintenance significantly increases the consumption of linear guides and may invalidate the warranty.

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